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08 January 2008

Bishop warns of 'Islamic areas'

f6609b61f3b74dbb8161619f4ebfce54.jpgIslamic extremism has turned some communities into no-go areas for people of a different faith or race, a Church of England bishop has said.

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28 December 2007

British Muslims say: Put Christ back in Christmas

30f4b7b28ff0e24ded1008585e341c60.jpgLONDON (Reuters) - Muslim leaders joined Britain's equality watchdog Monday in urging Britons to enjoy Christmas without worrying about offending non-Christians.

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27 December 2007

Judge Orders Louis Farrakhan to Appear

9467db74ddcb3badb3c9170aca594b75.jpgHAMMOND, Ind. (AP) - A federal judge has ordered Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan to appear in court to explain why payments to his son are not considered income.

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25 December 2007

Hate cleric Omar Bakri calls for 'ban' on Christmas

dac360964ad9eca334b303d7f150498c.jpgHate preacher Omar Bakri, who is barred from Britain, is calling on Brits to boycott Christmas.

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19 December 2007

Mohammed now second most popular boys' name in Britain

8c3268404d51a3d614da52331251d6de.jpg(dailymail.co.uk)  For the last 13 years it has reigned supreme as the most popular boy's name in the land.  But in multicultural Britain, children named after the Muslim prophet Mohammed could soon be outnumbering the long-time favourite...

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16 December 2007

Top British terror suspect escapes

acc2d8f49e4ba799209c6395001d27f3.jpg(observer.guardian.co.uk)  The alleged British terrorist mastermind behind a plot to simultaneously blow up at least 10 transatlantic airliners in an atrocity that had the potential...

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12 December 2007

One in five babies born to foreign mother in UK

4d150678d139ad73b1c1f6aba8874560.jpg(telegraph.co.uk) One in five babies born in Britain last year was born to a woman from overseas, according to the first official analysis of the impact of migration on fertility.  Immigrant mothers are having far more...

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08 December 2007

Basra's murderous militias tell Christian women to cover up or face death


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06 December 2007

British imam's daughter under police protection after converting to Christianity

3ba3dc60fdb9ce7b3e61a4ee4e40a781.jpgA British imam's daughter is living in fear of her life under police protection after she received death threats from her family for converting to Christianity.

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22 November 2007

Al Qaeda terrorist who took part in Lake District training camp sentenced to six years in prison

b941946565964b37f94ac3566f922ef9.jpgA Muslim extremist who took part in a campaign to recruit and train "jihadists" has been jailed for six years today after becoming a recruiting sergeant for Muslim extremists.

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Calcutta: Muslims riot over writer who "hurt Muslim sentiments"; troops deployed

b7a11bfa56ab1ee7b4eec34b4799da51.jpg(news.bbc.co.uk)  Troops have been deployed in the...

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