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21 February 2007

Prosecutors: London Bombing Suspect Fled in Burka

medium_0_61_022007_burka_escape.2.jpgLODNON —  A jury was shown surveillance footage Tuesday of bombing suspect Yassin Omar apparently dressed in a burka after the attempted attacks in London.

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16 February 2007

Yusuf Islam and Salman Rushdie

Yesterday I expressed skepticism at Yusuf Islam's claim that he never supported the death fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Jihad Watch reader Tex emailed me this late last night:

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13 February 2007

Swim centre bars two-year-old girl because she isn't Muslim

medium_DarbyWilliamCAV_228x166.jpgWhen Lee Williams saw a parent-and-toddler session advertised at his local pool, he thought it was the perfect chance to teach his young daughter to swim.

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12 February 2007

Muslims outraged by use of cartoon

medium_cambridge-university.jpgMUSLIMS in Cambridge have demanded a public apology from a student who printed anti-Islamic material in a

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11 February 2007

Parents protest at school's 'Halal-only' lunch

medium_AntiHalal1_228x15.jpg(thisislondon.co.uk)  Furious parents staged protests outside a school over its decision to serve up only halal meat at lunchtimes...

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10 February 2007

Muslim call to prayer irks some residents - Mosque loudspeaker disturbs peace and quiet in the neighborhood, they say

medium_413585907124517x5_mosque1_O462.jpgIt is precisely 2:45 p.m. Friday afternoon, and an evocative male voice penetrates the cold winter air. (The Masjid Nur Al-Islam mosque at 21 Church Avenue in Kensington)

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06 February 2007

Radical: Behead Muslim soldiers

medium_abuizzadeenPA_175x125.jpgDramatic footage has emerged of an Islamic extremist calling for British Muslims who join the Army to be beheaded

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05 February 2007

Pupils aged five 'poisoned' at Islamic school that 'teaches hate'

medium_colincookTS050207_228x117.jpgAn Islamic school is poisoning the minds of pupils with lessons in hate, a former teacher claims.

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03 February 2007

Teacher sacked over religion row

medium__42528869_andrew_mccluskey203.jpgA supply teacher has been sacked from a secondary school following complaints from Muslim pupils.

(Mr McLuskey said the school was too quick to sack him)

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29 January 2007

Multiculturalism 'drives young Muslims to shun British values'

medium_2096.3.jpgThe doctrine of multi-culturalism has alienated an entire generation of young Muslims and made them increasingly radical, a report has found

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27 January 2007

Muslim urged to shun 'unholy' vaccines

A MUSLIM doctors’ leader has provoked an outcry by urging British Muslims not to vaccinate their children against diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella because it is “un-Islamic”.

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