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15 May 2009

To the first lady of Egypt

SP514.jpgBy- Egyptian Union

Save the children of Egypt from the compulsory Islamization.
The compulsory conversion of the Christian child to the father who converted to Islam, this is based on a religious but not a

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Muslim mob attacks Christians in court

img_02.jpg(PCP report) The lawyer of family of Muslim girl was passing derogatory remarks in court arguments

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An armed band kidnap a Christian teacher in Kirkuk

IRAQ_-_kirkuksequestro.jpgHe was kidnapped for ransom. Msgr. Louis Sako has intervened for his release seeking the help of Muslim leaders. The bandits want a “very high sum” in exchange for his freedom, which the family – of poor origins – is unable to pay.

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12 May 2009

Muslim Chef Sues Met Police Over Request to Cook Pork, Hearing Starts Tomorrow....

6a00e008c6b4e5883400e551da38ee8833-150wi.jpgWhat are the odds this guy hits a major payday?.....

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Bomb explodes in Cairo

T512.jpgA small homemade bomb exploded near a church in the Egyptian capital on Monday but no one was hurt, security sources said.

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09 May 2009

The Copts : Persecuted Christians of Egypt

egypt3.jpgThe word “Copt” is derived from the Greek word, “Ai-gypt-os” meaning Egypt. The middle part of the word “gypt” was later pronounced as “Copt” and used to mean Egyptian. From the time Egypt embraced Christianity in 54AD to the time Islam invaded Egypt in

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Taleban warn pope on 'proselytism'

7b42dfe6db0aa85c17d465bc73f8fee6.jpg'Reaction' threat after US soldiers seen with Bibles

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Pakistan: Lawyer threatens to kill Christian charged with "blasphemy"

125px-Flag_of_Pakistan_svg.pngAnd not just with his hourly billing charges, either. Here is yet another example of how Pakistan's blasphemy laws are used to terrorize innocent people. An update on this story: "Pakistan: Lawyer Threatens To Kill Christian

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05 May 2009

Egyptian Christians riot after swine flu cull

T54.jpgEgyptian farmers block the streets to prevent health ministry vehicles getting past to carry out the mass-slaughter of swine

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U.S. military destroys soldier's Bibles

The U.S. military is confirming that it has destroyed some Bibles belonging to an American soldier serving in Afghanistan

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03 May 2009

Two American soldiers shot dead by uniformed Iraqi: US

photo_1241286021371-1-1.jpgTwo American soldiers were shot dead and three more were wounded on Saturday when an Iraqi wearing army uniform opened fire on them south of the northern town of Mosul, the US military said

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