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15 May 2009

To the first lady of Egypt

SP514.jpgBy- Egyptian Union

Save the children of Egypt from the compulsory Islamization.
The compulsory conversion of the Christian child to the father who converted to Islam, this is based on a religious but not a

legal background.
How is the child to be kept off his mother care to live with his step mother who converted while his real mother of birth is still alive?
The basics of giving the child’s custody to the best of the parents with religion is going in diverse to the civil state concept, the judge in this case violates the law when he uses this basic and leave off the law
Suzanne Mubarak: save the children of Egypt from the cancer and illiteracy, you taught the Egyptian child how to read and considered the social peace is a national affair and a national need.
Isn’t it the time to save the Christian children from death away of their mothers’ care?
In a detailed message delivered to the bureau of MmE. Suzanne Mubarak from Dr. Naguib Gibraeel, the president of the,” Egyptian Union”, Organization for Human Rights and included the following:
1- it is not logic to keep calling for the principle of citizenship and the supremacy of law and break this basic, turning them into nonsense, to blind the eyes, the deaf the ears, all this happens when the father converts into Islam and the child is forced to change his name and religion.
2- How does the Ministry of Interior work out this compulsory Islamization while there is no code of law to support this tendency that states that the child follows the best of the parents in religion?
3- Instead of applying the law that is used in courts and issued by issued and agreed upon by the peoples’ assembly by the judge that states the end of the age of custody is when the youngsters are 15 years of age but we find this law as broken when the father converts into Islam and the custody is taken off the Christian mother.
4- Does the first lady of Egypt imagine when the child is taken from the custody of his mother to live with his step mother, as happened in many case in the 21st century happening in Egypt and doesn’t happened even in the most undeveloped countries while we tend to openness on the world and feel proud of democracy and citizenship.

5- Do you accept the Christians to be harmed by the court verdicts, we all respect, and among the detail of the verdict data comes the reason about why the child is put under the custody of his father,” for fear of the child may go to places of worship and churches so he may becomes familiar with things other than Islam, for fear of eating pigs’ meat or drinking alcohol “. Why this lower consideration for the Christians, Isn’t it an Abraham’s religion, identified by the Egyptian constitution, do the Muslims accept their Islam to be described as Christianity was described?
Do you imagine a court verdict on behalf of the father or the mother who convert to Christianity and the custody of this child goes to his father and the judge says he gave custody to the best of the parent in religion?
6- Do you, first lady of Egypt, accept this social sickness when the Christian child in his school to have two different names and religions while he has another name and religion, known by them among his friends and teachers, the name and religion he was born with, and another name and religion in his official documents when his father converts into Islam. This leads to haphazard contradictions and decisions issued by the Ministry of Education, the governorate of Education, and a school as happened in Mario and Andrew’s case in Alexandria, and happened with Mariam in the tenth of Ramadan, and in many other case, when those children were forced to attend the Islamic religion school subject final exam while they were still Christians and in the custody of their Christian mothers.
7- Do you know, My lady, that a lot of Christian girls are not allowed to get married as they don’t know if they are Christians as their father married their Christian mother, or they are Muslims when their father converted into Islam, what is the wrong those youngsters committed ? Isn’t the right for each girl when she is 18 years to marry and to have children, to enjoy having a family as well as the Muslim girl?
8- Is this the real face of the tolerant Egypt, Is this the respect of Egypt to the international decrees and agreements, Is this the respect for the child international law issued by the Untied Nations that guaranteed all the possible ways for the care of the child specially to be under the custody of his real mother,
9- Your Excellency, the first lady of Egypt, why the new child law, that was adopted by the national council for motherhood and children, the council that is honored by you being the president, doesn’t include a clear article that states that women have the custody of their children as mentioned in their marriage contract in case any of them convert to another religion till the child is an adult or the marriage age of 18 years old.
10- Do you imagine, My lady, that when the name and the religion of the child is changed compulsory, and force him to follow his converted father’s religion, what is the wrong done by the Christian mother to be forced to be a mother of a Muslim child, why she is forced to be so, do you imagine this Christian mother reading the birth certificate of her child and mentioned as a wife for a Muslim father and a mother for a Muslim child, the thing that could get her under a court trial charged with the sin of maturity as gathering two husbands one Muslim and other is an ex Christian husband.
11- I need to understand one thing so I can be calm and also the Christians in Egypt, Are we living in a civil or a religious country? Do we use the civil law or the Islamic Sharri’a? If the answer is the second, the Islamic Sharri’a, so we should not should not speak with pride and glory front of the world that we are a civil state and we should make it clear that we live in a religious country?

12- What Sharri’a or law in this world states that the custody of a child is to be let off his mother’s care and tenderness while she is still alive and forced to be under the care of another stranger lady than his mother?
13- Our dear, first lady of Egypt, we knew and witnessed your reality of being a mother for all the Egyptian children, apart form their religions or faith, we witnessed your love and tendency to the social peace not only in Egypt but for the whole world, this was a reason for our pride that you have won all the international prizes that are devoted for this sort of leadership.
14- Isn’t it fair when the responsible chief of the Ministry of Interior to be charged with forgery when he changes the name and the religion of someone who never wished this to happen, and the saying that his father as his lawful trustee, asked for that change, is a fake saying, as the name and the religion is something that sticks to man as his skin, so no one can change them unless he is the one who has that name and that religion, and the concept of the father as the lawful custodian on his children meant his care and his well brining up of his children and keeping their wealth.
15- The change of someone’s religion and name without his agreement is really a death penalty on him by law, as having a name that was erased, and a religion that was omitted from existence, so who has the authority to turn someone into a dead one while he is still alive?
16- Dear lady, to reach the facts that evolve this problem, we need tens of harmed wounded sad women, the victims of ill and wrong applications of law to stand front of your bureau as the only further step they have if the situation continues as it is, the thing that I am sure, that you as a mother would never accept!
Awaiting your descisoin.
Dr. Naguib Gibraeel
President of the,” Egyptian Union”, Organization for Human rights.

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