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15 May 2009

Muslim mob attacks Christians in court

img_02.jpg(PCP report) The lawyer of family of Muslim girl was passing derogatory remarks in court arguments

Muslim man can marry infidel Christian woman but infidel Christian man can not marry Muslim woman” while Muslim mob outside courtroom was beating with sticks to family members of Chand Masih who married one Muslim girl Sonia. A Christian named Chand Maish aged 22 year fell in love with a Muslim girl Sonia aged18 years and both married on April 19, 2009. To marry Sonia the Christian youth converted to Islam and marriage was solemnized under Islamic law. But this was not possible for Christian boy to get marry with Muslim girl so, mother of Sonia Naseem Bibi registered a criminal case against whole family of Chand vide FIR No 153/09 dated April 8, 2009 under section 496- A PPC police station Nolakha Lahore. This case was against Majeedan bibi (mother age 65) , Ashraf Maish (borher), Aslam Maish (brother). Ashraf and Aslam have been arrested by police and sent to jail whereas; LADS lawyer got the pre-arrest bail of Chand and her mother in the court of Mr. Adid Rizwan Abid ASJ Lahore. LADS also filed after arrest bails of Ashraf and Aslam Maish in same court in which date of hearing is 19-05-09 for arguments.

LADS lawyer Parvez Aslam Choudhry has filed quashment petition in high court on May 9, 2009, vide W.P No 8835-Q-09 which was fixed in high court on May 11, 2009, before Mr. Justice Syed Ali Hassan Rizvi but judge was on leave on that day and case was adjourn for. On May 12, 2009, LADS lawyer appeared in high court along with Chand and Sonia and argued that this is false case against young couple and they are being discriminated due to relation with Christian family. Lawyer said that Sonia is present in this court and high court after getting the statement ordered to cancel the case and let couple free to lead normal life as to Christian family who have concern with Chand whose present name is Gulam Muhammad but no one is ready to believe that Chand will remain Muslim. High court has issued notice to SHO (station house officer) for record.

On May 14, 2009, LADS lawyer appeared in the court of Abid Rizwan Abid in bail petition of Chand. All complainant party along with group of Muslims has appeared on case call. Naseem bibi started beating to Chand and said that Christian has kidnapped my daughter and now I will call mullahs to protect me. On intervention of LADS lawyer court forbade not to do this. Court said that people go out from court but all people remain stand in the court. When lawyer started arguments complainant lawyer said no Muslim girl can marriage with Christian but Muslim man can marry with Christian girl. LADS’ lawyer said Chand has now Muslim but lawyer said no Christian can be Muslims they are enemy of Islam. Lawyer used some indecent word for Christian faith. At this movement LADS lawyer said courts to take action of statement of lawyer against Christians but court instead to take action adjourn the case. Out side the court they attacked on Christian people and beat to Sonia and Chand. With the help of LADS tem Sonia has filed an application against all people who have beat her and her husband Chand.

No any Muslim can bear that Muslim girl got married with Christian boy otherwise, whole Christian family has to bear much hardship being biased attitude of Muslims.

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This reaction of a filthy lawyer is not strange from someone who follow the filthy mohammed of islam and his filthy religion of sex and hatred and his false allah that condons such filth and intellectual insomnia so that his followers of muslims act like wild beasts not knowing their right from their left. May Our Lord and God Jesus Christ the One True God of the universe and all creation raise the spirits of the muslims from the darkness and filth of islam as he had raised Lazarus from the dead. May Our Lord and God Jesus Christ Bless all of you.

Posted by: Hany | 17 May 2009

Minorities Concern of Pakistan

E.Mail: minorities_concern_pakistan@yahoo.com

Jan. 25, 2010

Pakistani Church condemns the murder of a young Christian girl

By Aftab Alexander Mughal

The National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP), a human rights body of the Catholic Church of Pakistan strongly condemned the murder of a domestic worker Shazia Bashir, 12, a Christian girl from Lahore, provincial capital of Punjab province.

Shazia was killed by her Muslim employer, Chaudhry Muhammad Naeem, a rich lawyer, in Lahore on Jan. 22. Naeem is a former president of the Lahore Bar Association. She had been working for 8 months as a domestic worker at Defense Colony in Lahore.

In a joint statement issued on Jan. 25 in Lahore, Chairperson of NCJP Catholic Archbishop Lawrence John Saldanha and Peter Jacob, the Executive Secretary said that this is not a lone incident of violence rather the domestic servants are subjected to extreme violence. Both the Provincial and Federal Governments failed to prevent such incidents effectively.

There are more than 10 millions child laborers in the country that is the obvious violation of Child Labor Laws. Physical violence matted out to domestic labor was a common place. They stressed the government to affectively enforce the Child Labor Laws in the country moreover prosecute and bring the culprits to justice through a speedy course of action, the Church leaders added.

The statement further said, “Identifying the growing poverty and unemployment as the primary contributor to this situation. They also demanded the Government to proceed with legislation on the ‘Domestic Violence Bill’ immediately to help the situation.”

According the local Christians, she was died after sever tortured. She belongs to a very poor family as was the only source of income for her family. She has one younger brother of 8 years age while her two elder sisters were married. “We were not allowed to see her for a long time,” her parents told the media.

The alleged killer, in the first instance, tried to pressurize her father to compromise with him and offered Rs. 20,000 (US$250) to the family to shut their mouth. After facing a strong resistance from the Shzia’s family, he brought an army officer to the family but the family did not compromise on their daughter’s murder.

Christian leaders say that police did not apprehend the accused because Shazia’s family was poor and belongs to a religious minority group.

Many Christians and Muslims on Jan. 23 protested outside the Punjab Assembly for 3 hours, demanding action against the alleged killers. Due to public pressure, an First Information Report (FIR) was lodged by police after at least 18 hours. And the six accused people were arrested at least 24 hours after the registration of the FIR.

Shazia worked for only Rs1,000 (US$12) per month as a domestic worker of that Muslim family which had been continuously tortured her. Her body was badly maimed when she was brought to the Jinnah Hospital Lahore where she died.

Aftab Alexander Mughal
Minorities Concern of Pakistan

Jan. 25, 2010

Posted by: Aftab Alexander Mughal | 25 January 2010

Minorities Concern of Pakistan

E.Mail: minorities_concern_pakistan@yahoo.com

Feb. 24, 2010

Christians Condemn Beheading Of A Sikh By Taliban

By Aftab Alexander Mughal --

Christians and other human rights groups strongly condemned Taliban militants’ recent brutal act against Sikhs, a tiny religious minority in Pakistan. Taliban beheaded a Sikh in Pakistan’s tribal area near Afghanistan’s border, which is mostly under the control of Taliban, after their families and community were unable to pay the ransom amount for their release.

Nadeem Anthony, a Christian, member of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan told Minorities Concern of Pakistan that the lives of religious minorities, including Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Shia Muslims, are constantly under threat by the Taliban in the tribal areas.

A small group of Sikhs, Hindus and Christians had been living in the tribal area. Majority of them have left the area because of Taliban’s atrocities. Last year, Sikhs, mostly traders, were asked by Taliban to convert to Islam or leave the area or pay Jizia (an Islamic tax imposed on non-Muslims). Hundreds had fled their homes and moved to Peshawar, capital of North West Frontier Province, but some were still there hoping that the situation would be better soon.

“The plight of Christian, Hindu and Sikh minorities in and near Swat and the tribal areas is particularly precarious, with their livelihoods and day-to-day existence threatened by the encroaching presence of the Taliban,” Rafia Zakaria, a Muslim, writes in the daily Dawn, an English national newspaper, on Feb. 24, 2010.

Taliban killed Jaspal Singh who wa abducted in Bara, a town in Khyber district, in late January 2010. His body was found on Feb. 21 in the neighboring tribal district of Orakzai. According to some reports, Taliban later handed over their beheaded body to his relatives. Sikh leaders in Peshawar said that the Taliban abducted three Sikh men so two are still in their captivity. About 20,000 Sikhs live in Pakistan.

Tehrek-e-Taliban (TTP) has become the most dangerous militant group operating in Pakistan, where a wave of suicide and bomb attacks carried out by Islamist militants have killed more than 3,000 people since July 2007, a media report says.

“Yet the Taliban are not the only threat to Pakistan’s religious and sectarian minorities. The past few months have seen the emergence of horrifying cases of systematized persecution of religious minorities,” Rafia Zakaria says.

Reported by

Aftab Alexander Mughal


Minorities Concern of Pakistan

Feb. 24, 2010

Posted by: Aftab Alexander Mughal | 25 February 2010

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