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07 April 2010

Moscow suicide bomber's father in no haste to condemn his daughter and believes her act is Allah's affair

capt_37123df9e89b4fabb2042983d918c439-37123df9e89b4fabb2042983d918c439-0.jpgFather of female "Shahid" Mariam Sharipova from Dagestan village Balkhani who blew herself up at the Lubyanka metro station in Moscow left with "no comments" the question if he condemns his daughter's act and if she is pleasing for the Allah.

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29 March 2010

Double suicide bombings kill 36 on Moscow subway

a1814430-cd7d-4016-b736-3858cb896d48.jpgmoscow-subway2.jpgMOSCOW — The head of Russia's main security agency says Caucasus rebels are believed to have carried out two sucide bombings on Moscow's subway system that killed 36 people.

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17 March 2010

CORRECTED: Russian prosecutors say priest's killer slain

r.jpg(Reuters) - Prosecutors claimed on Tuesday to have solved the high-profile slaying of a Russian Orthodox priest in Moscow, saying a man shot dead by police in the Dagestan province was carrying the gun used to kill the priest.

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26 December 2009

Islamists kill priest

2662-6442-8698-14095_1520155.jpgAn Islamist militant group based in Russia's North Caucases has claimed the killing last month of an Orthodox priest who was an outspoken critic of Islam

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27 March 2009

Uzbek Christians face persecution and discrimination even after death

UZBEKISTAN_Church_3_(600_x_450).jpgThe police and town authorities oppose a funeral for a man because his wife and son are Christian. Later they allow it, but in practically concealed form. Christians sentenced to prison solely because they gather together and pray. Persecution expanded against those who do not adhere to the country's official religion, Islam.

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28 December 2008

Church bells strike false note with Muslims

20Bells.jpgThe Muslim community in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod region is opposing plans to include church bells in a proposed new regional anthem. Local authorities had earlier set a competition to compose an anthem for the region.

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07 November 2008

Deadly blast hits Russian minibus

At least eight people have died in what Russian investigators say was a bomb attack that hit a minibus in Vladikavkaz, in the North Caucasus.

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14 June 2007

Prominent Islamic researcher warns against Wahhabism replacing traditional Islam throughout Russia

Moscow, June 13, Interfax - Ideas of Islamist extremism and intolerance towards other faiths are spreading today in many Russian regions, Islamic researcher Roman Silantyev maintains.

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27 February 2007

Islamist's terror attack prevented in Moscow on the eve of Fatherland Defendant Day

Moscow, February 26, Interfax - A terrorist act was foiled in Moscow on the eve of the February 23 Fatherland Defendant Day, the city Interior Department announced Monday.

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27 December 2006

Madrasahs said to lure Russians into "extremism"

Moscow, December 27, Interfax - A top Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) official claimed that some foreign madrasahs - Muslim religious schools - were inciting Russian citizens studying there to join extremist activities.

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13 December 2006

Russian court upholds conviction of Muslim teens

The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the terrorism conviction of five Muslim teenagers accused of plotting to disrupt a central Russian city's millennial celebration last year, a local news agency reported

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