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03 December 2006

Islam thrives as Russia's population falls

medium_061203_moscow_muslim_300.jpgCROWDED MOSQUES | Worried local authorities won't allow Muslims to build more places of worship

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24 November 2006

Russia: Moscow to deport opponent of the Islamic regime back to Iran

Iranian dissident Zahra Kamalfar has been living with her two children in the transit area of Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport for almost

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20 November 2006

Russia has a Muslim dilemma Ethnic Russians hostile to Muslims

medium_mn_russia_islam06.jpg(sfgate.com)  Crammed amid the gray monoliths of Moscow's 1980 Olympics complex...

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01 August 2006

1,000-Member Church May Lose Its Property

medium_10000000000000.5.jpgCWNews.com MINSK, BELARUS (ANS) -- New Life Church in Belarus' capital Minsk could lose its worship premises as early as mid-August, the charismatic church's lawyer, Sergei Lukanin, has told news sources.

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FSB Claims Rebels Courted Hamas

medium_100000000.10.jpg(themoscowtimes.com)  Top Chechen rebels have tried without success to convince Hamas and Hezbollah to send fighters to the North Caucasus and might have had a hand in the killing of four...

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09 June 2006

Russia rebels kill police chief's family

MOSCOW: Gunmen in southern Russia killed a local police commander, his three young children and two others on Friday when they ambushed the car taking him to work, a Russian news agency reported

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01 March 2006

Analyst Predicts Muslim Majority in Russia Within 30 Years

A leading specialist on ethnic minorities in the Russian Federation says within the next several decades Russia will become a country with a Muslim majority

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14 December 2005

Putin Calls Russia Islamic World's Most Reliable Ally

Russia is the Islamic world's most reliable partner, President Vladimir Putin said in Chechnya on Monday, implying that by attacking Russia, terrorists were doing their cause a disservice.

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