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07 April 2010

Moscow suicide bomber's father in no haste to condemn his daughter and believes her act is Allah's affair

capt_37123df9e89b4fabb2042983d918c439-37123df9e89b4fabb2042983d918c439-0.jpgFather of female "Shahid" Mariam Sharipova from Dagestan village Balkhani who blew herself up at the Lubyanka metro station in Moscow left with "no comments" the question if he condemns his daughter's act and if she is pleasing for the Allah.

"If she went there by herself and I'm sure she went there by herself as she is not a brainless animal, then it's her and Allah's personal affair. They only know why she has done it and what she wanted," Rasul Magomedov told Moskovsky Komsomolets.

According to her father, she was "a clever, responsible girl. She did everything in life herself," she entered Dagestan State University herself and at the same time got the second university degree in psychology.

As to what he can say to relatives of those killed, Magomedov said, "What can I say… I regret, I sympathize. But everyone has his own destiny. Authorities always speak of modernization and successes from TV screens and don't mention our problems in the Caucasus, no one speaks about oppression of Muslims and misrule we have here!"



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