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09 May 2007

For Some Muslim Wives, Abuse Knows No Borders

medium_ShortLeash.jpg(washingtonpost.com) One was a shy, slender young woman who spoke no English when she was brought from...

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A 'Muslim-Friendly' America?

Islamofascism: You would think 9/11 would have marginalized militant Muslims. But it's only emboldened them. Now they're

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It's OK to kill kids in battle: Sheik

medium_DSC00967.JPGTHE deputy spiritual leader of Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali has told his students that it is "obligatory" for all Muslims to engage in jihad if an Islamic country is under attack, even if it means killing the enemy's children

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08 May 2007

Christians Caught in the Crossfire

medium_thumb_1178634414762_0p3551195583008741.jpgCBNNews.com - It's mid July, 2006 and Hezbollah fighters in south Lebanon have set up Katyusha rocket launchers in the Christian town of Ein Ebel.

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Islamic Apologetics

medium_bloggers.jpgKaren Armstrong tells us to ignore history and doctrine, focus on platitudes about peace and love.

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07 May 2007

Two Buddhists killed, another injured in Yala

Yala - Two Buddhists were killed and another injured by Muslim insurgents while they were

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06 May 2007

Why some Evangelicals can't understand the true nature of Islam

medium_bloodyCross.5.jpgSome Christians seem to be bothered by Barnabas Fund exposing negative facts about Islam. These argue that we should not busy ourselves with trivial matters, but concentrate on the main issues of presenting Christ and loving all people.

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Will Britain one day be Muslim?

medium_Protest_4.6.jpg(dailymail.co.uk) This week has been another terrible one for those of us who want a society in which all races, religions and cultures mix...

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05 May 2007


medium_corano11iberpress--133x198.jpgA top official from Indonesia's highest Muslim authority, the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), says he hopes that some 60 Christians being sought in connection with the production of a video allegedly containing anti-Islamic sentiments should

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03 May 2007


medium_S.gifReligious motive still unclear; local government to investigate attack.

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Thailand grants amnesty to Muslim rebels in south

THAILAND'S army-backed premier has decided to grant amnesty to suspected Islamic rebels in the country's Muslim-majority south, the government said Tuesday in its bid to rein in unrest in the region

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