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30 April 2007

CAIR Outrage of the Week (from CAIR Baby):

medium_hooper2.5.jpgThis week CAIR helped collect money for the families of victims of the Virginia Tech shooting... kind of

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Separatists behead 28th southern victim

(dpa) - Suspected separatist insurgents on Monday killed a Buddhist father and son, beheaded the father and set their bodies on fire - supposedly to avenge the weekend bombing of a mosque in Thailand's deep South.

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Foot Basins at Airports for Muslims Demanded & Constructed; What’s Next? We Must Stop Appeasing Them! Where is the “Separation of Church & State” the Filthy Left Screams About?

medium_KCI_footwash_station.jpg(worldnetdaily.com)  The Kansas City...

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29 April 2007

Muslims attack Christians in the presence of Police in Dair Mawas, Egypt.

medium_get-4-2007-bwki1r7j-sml.jpgA crowd of Muslim fundamentalists attacked Christians who were officially regaining control over on of the

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27 April 2007

Egyptian Islamic Scholars Discuss Whether Women Are Permitted to Serve As Heads of State

medium_clip_1431.jpgMuhammad Al-Musayyar, Al-Azhar University scholar: Under no circumstances are women qualified to be heads of state. Being male is a condition for heading a state, because a president is a kind of Imam, and the position of Imam is restricted to men. Also, the ruler may have to be present in circumstances forbidden to women, such as

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Islamic Intolerance on the Web

If anything, the Internet provides just enough anonymity, secrecy, and protection for the average user to get away with propagating his/her socially unacceptable and/or downright racist/intolerant views without any

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200 Million Minority Islam’s apologists completely miss the point

medium_111.2.jpg(nationalreview.com)  For three consecutive days...

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26 April 2007


medium_5321_1.jpgMUSLIM women were yesterday given the full backing of the law to wear veils in court – even if they are standing trial for crimes.

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medium_Egypt-Map-gn.jpgMuslims against discrimination” group issues for the second time a statement signed by 65 writer and intellectual in which it states “We Muslims—signing this report—announce that we became weary of the ignorant, the extremists, the murderers, and

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Jihad and the Collapse of the Swedish Model

I decided to write this essay following the riots in Malmö this weekend. Malmö is Sweden's third largest city and by far the worst city in Scandinavia when it comes to Muslim aggression. I read recently that an Arab girl interviewed in Malmö said

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Oklahoma U. bomber honored; Memorial Erected To Student Who Blew Himself Up

medium_hinrichs.jpg(thedenverchannel.com)  The father of a University of Oklahoma student who died after a homemade explosive he was carrying detonated near a packed football stadium...

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