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30 April 2011

Germany 'bomb plotters under al-Qaeda orders'

_52433868_011869462-1.jpgOne of the three men held in Germany on Friday on suspicion of planning a bomb attack had received orders from al-Qaeda, prosecutors have said.

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29 April 2011

'They raped me with their hands': Reporter Lara Logan reveals terrifying details of mob sex attack in Egypt

  • Correspondent reveals 200-strong mob 'tore her clothes to pieces'
  • 'I thought, not only am I going to die here, but it's going to be a torturous death'

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Indonesia: Java Pentecostal church firebombed

000..jpg(AKI/Jakarta Post) - Amid the massive police crackdown on terrorism, a Pentecostal church in Sleman, Yogyakarta, was targetted in a firebomb attack early on Friday morning.

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500 Nigerians Killed in Post-election Violence: Christians Told to Leave the North

78861009-incidences-religious.jpgIt has been estimated that more that 500 Nigerians, mostly Christians and other southerners have been so far killed in the post-election violence that erupted in some parts of the tick Muslim populated north.

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Anti-Christian violence in Punjab, young woman raped, Protestant pastor attacked

PAKISTAN_-_violenze_e_cristianiok1.jpgTwo members of an extremist group open fire at the car of Rev Ashraf Paul in Lahore. His 24-year-old son is critically wounded but is now out of danger. In Faisalabad, a police officer rapes a 24-year-old woman over four days

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Iranian native claims bridge harassment

untitled.pngCustoms investigating Amherst driver's claim

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28 April 2011

Egypt:Disappearance of 15 Christians girls (Coptic )in mysterious circumstances

coptic_girls.jpgProgress Mamdouh Ramzy and Naguib Gabriel Attorneys for Pope Shenouda complaint to the Chancellor this morning the Attorney-General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud disappearance of 15 girls a Christian in mysterious circumstances ..

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Muslim Brotherhood leader: Islam is the Answer to Price Hikes

003.jpgOf course Islam is an economic solution, because in the Qur'an, obedience to Allah brings prosperity. So if Egypt is suffering economic woes, it is because it is not Islamic enough. And if Egypt does become an Islamic state and still doesn't prosper, the Jews are always there to blame

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27 April 2011

Four Ethiopian Muslims Beat Evangelist to Death, Assault His Pregnant Wife

0012.pngWashington -- International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on April 21 four Muslims beat an evangelist to death and assaulted his pregnant wife in Worabe, Ethiopia, an area that is 97% Muslim.

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Canadian Muslim Group: “Only Support Non-Muslim Candidates Who Are Willing to Make it a Hate Crime to Publicly Associate Islam to Terrorism”


The next federal election is set for May 2, 2011 and campaigns are in full swing. Canadian Muslims’ reactions to elections and political campaigns vary significantly; some participate for personal reasons, others for community benefit, and many others do not participate at all.

What is the proper approach and what is not? To help Muslims answer this question, the following points are presented for your reflection: . . .

We should support only those non-Muslim candidates who are willing to present and support a Private Members’ Bill making it a hate-crime to publicly associate Islam to terrorism, whether in written, spoken, printed, broadcast or electronic media. At the same time, we must take a balanced approach instead of being carried away by a single issue. The following are examples of other important issues against which we should evaluate all candidates. 



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26 April 2011

Collective Punishment of Egyptian Christians For Death of Two Muslims

20101131713569-142586.jpg(AINA) -- After the death of two Muslims on April 18 sectarian violence broke out in the southern Egyptian town of Abu Qurqas El Balad, in Minya Governorate, 260 KM south of Cairo. One Christian Copt was killed, an old woman was thrown out of her second floor balcony and ten Copts were hospitalized. Coptic homes, shops, businesses, fields and livestock were plundered and torched.

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