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31 December 2006



30 December 2006

Police chief assassinated in Indian Kashmir by militant posing as a woman

medium_veil.4.jpgSRINAGAR, India: A suspected Islamic militant gunned down a police chief after posing as a Muslim woman hidden behind a veil in Indian-controlled Kashmir on Saturday, an official said

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Iraq Christian Exodus

medium_IRAQ_150_x_100_.2.jpgThese Christian Iraqi children are able to sing in freedom--now that their families have fled the violence in Bagdad. One year ago, this village in northern Iraq did not exist. Now, sixty

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Unfettered Religious Freedom in Islam – A Fact or Fiction?

Educated moderate Muslim propagandists preach that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and religious freedom to all. But according to the Koran and Prophet Muhammad, the religious freedom in Islam for

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29 December 2006

Four killed in three attacks by suspected Muslim rebels in southern Thailand

medium_bloodyCross.jpgBANGKOK, Thailand: Two teachers were shot and burned to death in Thailand's restive south Friday by suspected Muslim insurgents, while a government worker and a grocery store owner were killed in other attacks, police said

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28 December 2006

An Islam to Die For

These days we are constantly being reassured that Islam is benign. Only "extremists" engage in violence, whilst most Muslims are friendly, tolerant and moderate. The "war on terror" is a war against extremists who have hijacked a religion of peace, twisted it, deformed it, and turned it to their evil purposes. This is a story we have heard many times - but it is false.

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Muslim commitment ensures peaceful Christmas

medium_INDONESIA_-_1227_-_Natale.jpgRepresentatives of the country’s most influential Muslim organizations participated in Christmas celebrations held by Christians and supplied 1,500 volunteers to patrol places of worship.

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27 December 2006

Muslims ask pope to OK worship in ex-mosque

medium_0_21_091206_pope2.3.jpgMADRID - Spanish Muslims said on Tuesday they had appealed to the pope to be allowed to prostrate themselves in worship in Cordoba Cathedral, which was built as a mosque during Spain’s centuries of Islamic rule

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Iran Arrests Eight Leaders of Indigenous House Church Movement

medium_Islamic_RegimeGroups_md.jpgCWNews.comIRAN (ANS) -- Leaders of the Islamic republic's indigenous "Jesus Only" movement were raided and arrested by Iranian secret police last Sunday (December 10), according to Compass Direct News

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Madrasahs said to lure Russians into "extremism"

Moscow, December 27, Interfax - A top Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) official claimed that some foreign madrasahs - Muslim religious schools - were inciting Russian citizens studying there to join extremist activities.

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26 December 2006

1st Muslim congressman thrills crowd in Dearborn

medium_Keith_Ellison_MUSLIM_asshole.jpg(freep.com)  Speaking in Dearborn late Sunday night, the first Muslim elected to Congress told a cheering crowd of Muslims they should remain steadfast in their faith and push for justice. "You can't back down. You can't chicken out. You can't be afraid. You got to have faith in Allah, and you've got to stand up and be a real...

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