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30 May 2006

Paradise Lost: An African Island’s Dark Secret

medium_1000000000000.5.jpg An African island paradise harbors a dark secret, and Christian children are suffering. Across Africa, radical Muslim groups are pursuing their goal of creating the first Islamic continent. On the Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar one such group is achieving this goal by  http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews/CWN/052606zanzibar.asp

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28 May 2006


medium_100000000000.jpgTehran, (AKI) - (Ahmad Rafat) - On Thursday afternoon in Tehran's cemetery of Behesht Zahra a group of 100 aspiring suicide bombers was sworn in at a ceremony also attended by a group of Hezbollah militants from

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Malvo To Muhammad: 'You Made Me A Monster'

medium_20000000000.4.jpgROCKVILLE, Md. -- Sniper John Allen Muhammad had grandiose plans to create a community of children in Canada who would be trained in weapons and explosives before being sent to terrorize cities and "shut things down," accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo testified Tuesday

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Pakistani on SMS blasphemy charge

A Pakistani Christian has been arrested because he sent blasphemous text messages to Muslims from his mobile phone, police say

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Dozens hold protest outside Tut exhibit....Coptic Christians take aim at bias in Egypt

medium_100000000000000.jpgUnder the shadow of immense gold banners heralding the opening of the King Tut exhibit, dozens of Coptic Orthodox Church members from across the Chicago area gathered Thursday outside the Field Museum to protest religious discrimination against fellow Christians in Egypt

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26 May 2006

Islamist gang 'plotted to bomb biggest nightclub in London'

medium_10000000.6.jpg(timesonline.co.uk)  Two Islamic extremists plotted to blow up one of Britain’s biggest nightclubs because it would “get the public talking”, the Old Bailey was told...

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To aid or not to aid this is the question

medium_us_aid.3.jpgYears are passing by and the US in the midst of the war thirst Middle East zone.
What to do and how to get out and when? These questions are the center of the discussions in the US family dinner and breakfast tables but also in every gathering around the glob.

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Double Standards Toward Islam & Christianity

medium_carton_100.jpgI once had a boss who strictly followed corporate policies prohibiting name calling that involved race, gender or ethnicity, but never disciplined a worker who liked to rant about the "white boys

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24 May 2006


medium_alex8.jpg(Compass Direct) More than a month after Copts knifed in Alexandria, fact-finding team still unformedWith Cairo reeling from two weeks of clashes between thousands of police and demonstrators over the trial of two judges, Egypt appears to have forgotten its promises to investigate the April 14 stabbing of Christians in Alexandria.

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Horrible murder in Hamburg: 40-year-old beheads his wife

Head dropped off at gas station - daughters were present during the murder – the murderer attempted to flee after his arrest - Investigators: No visible reason for murder ( WATCH VIDEO IN GERMAN ONLY )

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23 May 2006

UK: Three Muslims Guilty Of Killing Black Man

medium_10000000000000000000.jpgWe described the initial reports of the "race-riot" which broke out in the Lozells area of Birmingham, UK, on October 22 last year. Many of the eye-witness accounts were found to be false, as was the account which triggered the riot, which claimed that a 14-year old Jamaican girl

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