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29 June 2006

christian killed in Zagazig ,Egypt

medium_wife_son.jpgFouad Fawzy, 42-year-old Coptwas killed in what appears to be an anti-Christians hate crime on Tuesday June 27th while at his shop located at Al Hamam street in Zagazig, Al Sharqeya province.

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Nigeria: Muslims Mob Stones 20-Yr-Old Girl to Death in Minna

The life of a 20yr old girl (name withheld) was prematurely terminated in Izom in Gawu Babangida Local Government Area of Niger State yesterday as she was stoned to death by irate youths for distributing inciting leaflets bordering on religion.

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28 June 2006

Rape Victims Charged with Forced Conversion

medium_100000000.5.jpgCWNews.com NEW DELHI (Compass Direct) –– Hindu extremists have filed a counter-complaint of “forced conversion” against two Christian women who had lodged rape charges against Hindu villagers in Madhya Pradesh state

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Number of US visas to Saudis doubles

medium_1000000000000.11.jpg(jpost.com)   For the first time since the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, the US State Department has begun to sharply increase the number of entry visas granted to...

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Horror of slain schoolgirls revisits Belgium

Belgian police discovered the bodies of two murdered schoolgirls hidden in a storm drain Wednesday ending more than two weeks of searching and bringing new horror to a nation still traumatized by the string of murders by child rapist Marc Dutroux a decade ago.

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In France, Islam and secularism spread as Christianity lapses

medium_2000000000.4.jpg(kansas.com)  Al Fath Mosque is in a scruffy immigrant neighborhood not far from the neon-lit kitsch of Pigalle. On Friday afternoons the mosque is jammed, and the overflow of worshippers - all men - spills into the streets.  Tourists who stumble on...

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27 June 2006

MUSLIMS "Youths" Kick Man to Death on Crowded Antwerp Bus

The Belgian state is no longer able to guarantee the security of its citizens. On Saturday afternoon Guido Demoor, a 54-year old Flemish train conductor on his way to work, was kicked to death by six “youths” on

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What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe?

medium_100000000000.5.jpgWell, according to Sweden's finance minister Pär Nuder, more immigrants should be allowed into Sweden in order to safeguard the welfare system. However, in reality estimates indicate that immigration costs Sweden at least

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26 June 2006

After Londonistan

medium_1000000000.3.jpg(nytimes.com)   "Behold!" reads an official police notice on the waiting-room wall at the Bethnal Green police station, in the East London borough of Tower...

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24 June 2006

Poll shows Muslims in Britain are the most anti-western in Europe

medium_Z10000.jpgPublic opinion in Britain is mostly favourable towards Muslims, but the feeling is not requited by British Muslims, who are among the most embittered in the western world, according to a global poll published yesterday.

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Hamas: Islam will conquer US and Britain

medium_BlessHitler.jpgHamas Video
A Hamas video just released on their web site focuses on the broader Palestinian Islamic ideology, promising the eventual conquering and subjugation of Christian countries under Islam. The way Israel "ran" from Gaza after terror is presented as the prototype for future Israeli and Western behavior in the face of Islamic force. watch al Qaeda video inside

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