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29 April 2006

Black Muslim leader held in strip club dustup; Bey's son hit bouncer with his car, police say

sfgate.com) A young Black Muslim leader already charged with vandalizing a West Oakland liquor store was jailed Friday for...

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Muslims Urged to Join Illegals Boycott

By Sher Zieve – Islamic groups are calling on American Muslims to join the illegal alien marches and protests scheduled for 1 May. Islamic groups including CAIR, L.A. Latino Muslim Association, the Muslim American Society - Los Angeles, and the Muslim Students Association

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Muslims Demand Muslim Law

Sweden’s biggest association of  Muslims demands the right for Swedish Muslims to practice their own laws.Special laws for marriage and divorce, and public schools teaching Arabic and religion to Muslim children in

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28 April 2006

Angered Copts march to break their long silence

medium_20000.jpgWe can't put up with this persecution any more," Bishop Suriel, Melbourne's Coptic bishop, told the marchers. "We are calling on the Australian Government to say to the Egyptian Government, 'enough is enough'."

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Coptic demands submitted to the UN

medium_20000000000.jpgAs an ambassador of human rights and a beacon for equality we call upon you to stop the continuing injustices perpetrated against the Copts in Egypt.  The promotion of respect for human rights has been an increasingly central goal of the United Nations

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 The Indonesian government has insisted that Muslims and non-Muslims alike in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam district of Muslim-devout Aceh province should be tried by a planned Islamic Court. Non-Muslims accused

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Radical Islam -- globalization for losers

latimes.com)   OSAMA BIN LADEN'S ratings are falling. His latest pronouncement was a yawn. His scripts could use a rewrite. "Infidels" this, "crusaders" that...

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25 April 2006

Three blasts, then came the screams

medium_400000000000.jpgBloodstained flip flops and charred T-shirts once again bore witness to the ruthlessness of international terrorism as the resort of Dahab on Egypt's Red Sea Riviera added its name to the litany of post-September 11 atrocities last night.

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Today, some 80,000 people participated in a silent march in Brussels to commemorate 17 year old Joe Van Holsbeeck, who was knifed on 12 April because he refused to hand over his MP3 player to two North African youths. The murder happened during the evening rush hour in a crowded Brussels central station. The murderers were

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Jury: Hamid Hayat Guilty on All Counts

A jury has convicted Hamid Hayat of all counts against him in his terrorism trial. Just hours earlier, a mistrial was declared in his father's case.

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23 April 2006

A Statement From The Clergy Of The North Eastern United States Of America

“The time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.” (John 16:2) Copts around the world were saddened and dismayed during the most holy days of the year by the events transpiring in the great city of Alexandria

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