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31 March 2006

St Mary Appears at the Archangel’s church in Asuit, Egypt

According to the semi-official Al Gomhoria  Egyptian newspaper, St Mary was seen yesterday by thousands of Muslims and Christians in Asuit, Upper Egypt

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30 March 2006

Albanian Muslims object to city's statue of Mother Teresa

MUSLIMS in Albania's northern city of Shkoder are opposing plans to erect a statue to Mother Teresa, the ethnic Albanian Catholic nun in line for elevation to sainthood by the Vatican

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29 March 2006

In Student Dialogue in Damascus, Danish Delegation Reproached for Using the Term "Middle East" and Listen to Threats on the Lives of Danish Soldiers in Sudan

Ahmad Al-Shater, Chairman of Arab Students Union: The Islamic religion is not a religion of terrorism, as portrayed by Zionism or imperialism.

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Saudis, with Pakistani help, working on nuclear programme

BERLIN (AFP) - Saudi Arabia is working secretly on a nuclear programme, with help from Pakistani experts, a German magazine reports in its latest edition, citing Western security sources

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NYU Surrenders to the Heckler’s Veto in Mohammed Cartoon Dispute

NEW YORK, March 29, 2006—In violation of its own policies, New York University (NYU) is refusing to allow a student group to show the Danish cartoons of Mohammed at a public event tonight. Even though the purpose of the event is to

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The Abu Sayyaf terrorist group had initially targeted the Jolo Cathedral in its Monday bombing attack that left five people dead and 20 others wounded but was forced to alter its plans, police investigators revealed yesterday

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28 March 2006

Dogs Sexually Abused by Islamists...

Pro-islamic municipalities in Turkey are killing stray dogs, animal rights groups claim.

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The War Against Swedes ( 9 out of 10 of the most criminal ethnic groups in Sweden came from Muslim countries ) TRUE

Last year, I wrote a post about how Swedish society was disintegrating and was in danger of collapsing, at least in certain areas and regions. The country that gave us Bergman, ABBA and Volvo could become known as

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27 March 2006

PLEASE READ IT(WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE) American Muslims gaining a foothold in politics

TEANECK, N.J. — The mayor of nearby Prospect Park is a 30-year-old high school business teacher with a young son. He was a volunteer firefighter at 18 and has been active in his community ever since. But when he sought the mayor's office last fall, voters received anonymous fliers calling him a "betrayer" tied to the 9/11 terrorists

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26 March 2006

N.J. Dems Dump Arab-American Candidate

TRENTON, N.J. - Democrats pulled an Arab-American candidate from their election ticket on Saturday amid a furor over comments he made four years ago that some interpreted as sympathetic to Palestinian suicide bombers

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25 March 2006

TO THE CHRISTIANS IN U.S. WAKE UP Lawyer wants Jesus off school wall

news.monstersandcrtics.com)    An American Civil Liberties Union lawyer has asked a West Virginia high school to remove a picture of Jesus Christ that has hung at the school for 40 years.  Harold Sklar, who works for the FBI, told the...

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