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05 January 2009

Christian Mom Faces Choice of Children's Starvation or Her Conversion To Islam

 thumb-what_happened.gifTo eat or to continue embracing Christianity? -- That is the question facing Martha Samuel, formerly known as Zainab Said, who converted from Islam to

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11 November 2007

Sectarian violence in Gabal-al-Teir, Minya : Truck loads of violence

6db2e1b2c589ad784fffe7c3176a2669.jpgThe rocky Gabal-al-Teir (Mountain of the Birds) towers high above the lush green fields on the eastern bank of the Nile valley in Samalout, Minya, in Upper Egypt. Perched right on top is

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01 September 2006

KIDNAPPED! An SOS for Mona Yacoub

medium_Mona.jpgThe Crime--While Catholicism isn’t the prevailing Christian denomination in Egypt, there are certainly many Catholics living and worshipping in the land of the pharaohs. The Catholic community in the village of Fayoum was rocked on 8/17, when a young lady, Mona Yacoub, was kidnapped just 10 days before her wedding.


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13 August 2006

The Price of Refusing Islam

medium_hany4.jpgIn years past, the price of refusing Islam—for Copts in Egypt, anyway—included either paying the Jizia (Humiliation Tax), or dying by the sword. (Some entrepreneurial Muslims had the clever idea of collecting the tax and THEN ramming their swords into their victim’s midsection.)

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