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03 June 2007

Chaldean Catholic Priest and three deacons shot dead in Iraq

A Chaldean Catholic Priest Father Ragheed Ganni, 35, and three deacons, were shot dead last night in northern Iraq.
The murder took place right after Mass in front of the Holy Spirit Church in the Nur District of Mosul, where Father Ragheed Ganni was parish priest.

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09 May 2007

Christians fleeing Iraq after death threats

medium_iraqi_christians.jpg(telegraph.co.uk)  Iraq's Christian community is close to extinction as thousands are forced to...

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03 May 2007

Iraq: Christians face mounting threats, MP says

medium_1111.jpg(adnki.com)  Christians in Iraqi are facing a mounting number of threats forcing them into exile...

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20 April 2007

More on Muslims Forcing Christian Assyrians in Baghdad to Pay 'Protection Tax'

medium_IraqMinistry_md.5.jpgOn 3-18-2007 AINA reported that Muslims were forcing the Christian Assyrians in the Dora Neighborhood of Baghdad to Pay the jizya, the 'Protection Tax' demanded from Christians and Jews by

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01 April 2007

We must not let this ancient Church slide into oblivion

medium_IraqMinistry_md.3.jpgIraq’s Assyrian Christians face extinction four years after the toppling of Saddam, says Ed West

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27 March 2007

Two Chaldean Catholic nuns stabbed to death Kirkuk home

medium_bloodyCross.4.jpgBAGHDAD: Two elderly sisters, both Chaldean Catholic nuns, were stabbed to death in their home in Kirkuk

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20 March 2007

Muslims Forcing Christian Assyrians in Baghdad Neighborhood to Pay 'Protection Tax'

medium_IraqMinistry_md.2.jpgBaghdad (AINA) -- Muslims in the Dora neighborhood of Iraq are forcing Assyrians

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04 January 2007

Ministry in Iraq

medium_IraqMinistry_md.jpgCWNews.comIraq (MNN) -- Violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims in Iraq predictably rose in the days following Saddam Hussein's execution.

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30 December 2006

Iraq Christian Exodus

medium_IRAQ_150_x_100_.2.jpgThese Christian Iraqi children are able to sing in freedom--now that their families have fled the violence in Bagdad. One year ago, this village in northern Iraq did not exist. Now, sixty

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17 December 2006

Christmas in Mosul under threat of sharia

medium_IRAQ_-_CRISTIANI.jpgA campaign against “non-Muslim dress” is under way in the Iraqi city, targeting mainly women and Christians. Flyers dictate that women should wear a headscarf, that men and women cannot sit next to each other and that soap is forbidden, because “it did not exist in Muhammad’s time”. We report the misery of Christians and an appeal of Patriarch Delly for fasting and prayer

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06 December 2006

Christian leader in Mosul kidnapped and killed

medium_IRAQ_150_x_100_.jpgThe man was a leader of the local Presbyterian Church. There is still no news about a Chaldean priest who was kidnapped on Monday. Patriarch Delly has issued an appeal for his release.

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