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19 May 2011

Kirkuk: young Christian abducted, tortured and beheaded

00001.jpgAshur Yacob Issa, 29, was the father of three children. He was abducted three days ago. Negotiations for his released failed. This morning police found his body, which bore “horrific marks of torture”. In voicing his outrage, the archbishop of Kirkuk slammed this “inhuman act,” urging everyone to work together to “protect defenceless citizens”.

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24 April 2011

7 wounded in Easter bombing outside Baghdad church

001.jpgBAGHDAD – At least seven people were injured when a bomb outside the entrance of a Baghdad church exploded on Easter Sunday, an Iraqi police official said.

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20 April 2011

Salafi-Jihadist Sheikh: It Is Permissible to Spill the Blood of the Iraqi Christians – And A Duty to Wage Jihad Against Them

 20101166195616-477777777777.jpgfatwa by Sheikh Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi regarding Iraq's Christians appeared on the Salafi-jihadi website Minbar Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad. The fatwa came in

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23 January 2011

Christian doctor assaulted in Mosul

The victim is one of the most famous cardiologists in the region. An armed group shot him at point-blank range, the man is seriously injured. West accused: you can not do anything for Christians because you no
longer have Christian roots and are indifferent to religion.


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12 January 2011

Two killed and eight injured in bomb attacks on Baghdad Christians

Two people were killed yesterday and at least eight injured in a series of bomb attacks on Christian homes in Baghdad.

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24 November 2010

Police: 2 Christian brothers shot, killed in Iraq

Gunmen shot and killed two Christian brothers Monday in a northern Iraqi city in
the latest in a spate of attacks targeting the religious minority, Iraqi police

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21 November 2010

Swedish Muslim Carries out Suicide Bombing in Iraq…

article-1234078-078429E0000005DC-327_634x394-550x341.jpg(Stockholm News)- The Swedish 36-year-old went to Iraq – to die as a martyr for the terrorist group The Islamic State of Iraq. In

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10 November 2010

Christian areas targeted in Baghdad attacks

_49874399_010609010-1.jpgA series of bombings and mortar attacks targeting Christian areas has killed at least three people in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, security sources say.

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09 November 2010

More attacks on Christians in Baghdad a week after massacre

salam%20wesam%20pic%20%20(9).jpgTwo faithful shot dead in Baghdad. Muslim Imams in Kirkuk condemn the violence against the Church and ask "Iraq's mosaic" be preserved. Agreement on a new government after eight months of political deadlock. Yesterday, the first Mass in the Syro-Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation after 31 October massacre.

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07 November 2010

Album Baghdad church hostage bloodbath part2

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Church Leader to Iraqi Christians: It’s Finally Time to Leave

For those of our readers who will be in the UK, Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster, president of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, will preside and preach at a remembrance service for the victims of the Baghdad massacre, to be held at Westminster Cathedral on Friday, November 27. Catholic or not, do try to attend to protest and to show your support.

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