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02 February 2009

Canadian woman held against her will in Saudi Arabia by her husband -- "under Saudi law, she is his property"

sharia_law.jpgI've often noted that Islamic law relegates women to the status of commodities, and have been called "Islamophobic" as a result. But in this story, we're told that "under Saudi law

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23 January 2009

Edmonton man accused of murder in Ottawa appears in court

1210420.jpgSean Murphy was fan of Frank Zappa and the Montreal Canadiens and was buried with his Habs cap. The 51-year-old Ottawa man died last August from injuries he suffered in a mysterious beating. Five months later, an Edmonton man has been charged with second-degree murder.

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06 June 2008

Maclean's counsel not allowed to question conduct of Islamic congress

VANCOUVER — Attempts by Maclean's counsel Julian Porter to question the B.C. director of the Canadian Islamic Congress about the organization's conduct were deemed inappropriate by tribunal judges on Thursday, undercutting the lawyer's line of questioning.

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16 February 2008

Human rights complainant attacked in her home

c2b28adaeb1bda8b10e51a9acc48f687.jpgCalgary police are investigating an assault on one of three women who recently launched a human rights complaint against a local Muslim leader.

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09 February 2008

Harems pay off for Muslims

c109f14465877aeb50ee75dd16f7f239.jpg(torontosun.com) Hundreds of Toronto Area Muslim men in polygamous marriages -- some with a harem of wives -- are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses, thanks to the city and province...

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26 July 2007

Activist's remarks about Islam, sex probed

19e2c56449770b7c1456d430f74fea11.jpgSAULT STE. MARIE, Ontario — Organizers of a conservative online forum in Canada say their free-speech rights are under attack after they received

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20 April 2007

Islamists Attack Canadian Journalist

(mediainfo.com)  A journalist for the Mississauga, Ont.-based newspaper The Pakistan Post was assaulted by two men, one armed with a cricket bat, who warned him to stop “writing against Islam” and a Pakistan-based religious...

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15 April 2007

Montreal Muslims Charged With Firebombing Jewish Center

medium_montreal_muslim_firebombers.gifcanada.com)  Two Montreal men have been accused of a raft of attacks against the city’s Jewish community, including the firebombing of a...

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24 March 2007

Canada: Veiled Muslim women will be permitted to vote

medium_holo_2.jpg(940news.com)  Muslim women wearing the niqab or burka - veils that hide the face entirely - will be allowed to vote in the Quebec elections...

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03 March 2007

Canada's Jihadist Fifth Column

What’s in a number? That is what some Canadians are asking with disbelief after the results of a recent poll asking Muslims about their satisfaction with their lives in Canada.

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18 February 2007

Canada: Terror suspects get TV, microwaves, study finds

medium_iraq_detained.3.jpg(theglobeandmail.com) Three men suspected of ties to al-Qaeda and held in a maximum-security prison in Kingston have access to cable TV, a microwave oven and...

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