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03 March 2007

Canada's Jihadist Fifth Column

What’s in a number? That is what some Canadians are asking with disbelief after the results of a recent poll asking Muslims about their satisfaction with their lives in Canada.

What astonished people about the poll, broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation,was not the fact that about 80 percent of the approximately 700,000 Muslims living in America’s northern neighbor are happy with their existences: no surprise there, considering the shape of the countries many of them come from. Rather, it was an almost hidden figure that provided the jolt: 12 percent of Canadian Muslims believe the foiled terrorist attacks a cell of Muslim radicals were plotting for southern Ontario last summer were justified.

Eighteen Muslim men, many of them Canadian citizens, were arrested before they could execute their plan, which included truck bombs exploding on the streets of Toronto and the beheading of Canada’s prime minister after a storming of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. To say the country was shocked by the details of the plot would be a classic understatement.

The fact that some 84,000 Muslims living in a western democratic country sympathize with the aims of these 18 would-be jihadists should not come as a surprise. Their number corresponds to the ten to 15 percent of the one billion Muslims worldwide who, experts say, support jihad. So even if one accepts the lower ten percent figure, that makes one hundred million people -- more than the membership of the Communist and Nazi parties combined -- who wish violent death upon the infidel. Not an insignificant number, to say the least.

Even with the poll’s four per cent margin of error, the resulting 49,000 sympathizer figure is frightening in its own right when one considers the havoc they could wreak if ever properly organized and motivated. One Canadian journalist, Licia Corbella of the Toronto Sun, noted that the CBC, Canada’s left-wing national broadcaster, played down the 12 percent figure, not even putting it on its website. And while the CBC mentioned the number in its national broadcast, it found a university professor who said the figure was "negligible" and doesn’t even warrant attention.“Is it just me, or does this not strike anyone else as the opposite of ‘negligible’? Isn’t this significant news?” wrote Corbella, who accused the CBC of burying the lead.

Being politically correct and multicultural, the CBC would not want to offend a minority community by prominently announcing the most important news, namely, that a substantial portion of their number do not mind seeing their fellow citizens blown to smithereens, their national legislative body desecrated and the country’s leader decapitated. It's as if the CBC ideologues wish we infidels would just go quietly to our deaths, so that the radical Muslims could kill us with a clear conscience, thus keeping their precious dream of a multicultural Canada alive.

Most shocking about this whole matter was the question that was not asked. While the number of Muslims in Canada who support jihad against their fellow countrymen and the CBC’s less than overwhelming reaction to this startling news contain no surprises, many Canadians would probably be stupefied if they discovered how many of their Muslim fellow citizens would like to see Canada’s liberal-democratic political and social order replaced by Islamic Sharia law. Polls in England and Germany containing this highly enlightening question have already disclosed that almost a third of the Muslims living in these countries would like to see Sharia become the law of their lands.

In the end it is these Muslims who represent a greater threat to Western civilization than the jihadists themselves. One of their tactics is to bring about the disappearance of our liberal-democratic order through legal, peaceful means, destroying its foundations bit by bit. And as the left has likewise so gradually, and successfully, transformed society since the 1960s, the march towards a sharia-dominated state will also not be an overnight revolution. But in forty years many may be forced to admit that a revolution it has been.

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