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11 April 2013

#MyJihad in Australia: Jihad terror suspect hung banner over freeway reading "Get your troops out of Muslim lands you filthy kafir"

And apparently he was planning jihad mass murder in Australia. "Terrorism accused Adnan Karabegovic 'tried to buy gun' before arrest," by Pia Akerman from The Australian, April 8 (thanks to Kenneth):

A MELBOURNE man charged with possessing al-Qa'ida magazines containing bombmaking tips and advice on engaging in violent jihad had been trying to buy a gun before he was arrested for terrorism offences, a court has heard.

Adnan Karabegovic, 24, was charged last year with four counts of collecting documents connected with the preparation of a terrorist act, after the magazines were found on a USB stick at his home during police raids in September.

His committal hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court today heard those counts had been withdrawn and replaced with six counts of the same offence as well as six charges of possessing a thing connected with the preparation of a terrorist act.

Commonwealth prosecutor Daniel Gurvich said the Australian Federal Police's Operation Astley, launched in late 2011, used physical and electronic surveillance to gather evidence against Mr Karabegovic.

He said copies of al-Qa'ida's Inspire magazine were saved in January 2012 to a USB stick, found in Mr Karabegovic's pocket when he was arrested.

The files were saved a few days before he and two friends allegedly hung a banner over a Melbourne freeway saying "Get your troops out of Muslim lands you filthy kafir", and another banner over a building saying "Get your troops out of Muslim lands you dirty convict pigs".

Mr Gurvich said Mr Karabegovic was recorded saying he wanted to make a plan and his intention was "much bigger" than the banners.

In April, he allegedly discussed the "need for action" and said "We've been trying for six months to buy a gun", while in May he discussed how to make a bomb that would ignite a bushfire....


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