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11 April 2013

Egypt sectarian clashes premeditated, Coptic cleric tells NOW

An Coptic cleric said that Muslim extremists are targeting Egypt's Christians.

The sectarian clashes that erupted in Egypt after the funeral of four Christians were a premeditated attack by Muslim extremists, a Christian cleric told NOW.


“The Khusus incident and the attack against the mourners means that there are some who are targeting the Copts in Egypt,” Sourial Younan, the priest in charge of Saint George’s Church in Khosous told NOW.


“Some extremist Salafists want to harm the Copts. During the Khosous troubles, the mosques’ loudspeakers were calling on the Muslims to undertake Jihad against the Copts.”


Eyewitnesses told NOW that the mourners who were attacked on Sunday were pelted with stones the moment they exited the Church for the funeral procession.


They added that the attack began when the churchgoers chanted slogans against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood.


One person has been killed in clashes at Cairo's Coptic cathedral after funeral prayers for four Christians during which angry Copts chanted against Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.


Sunday's service was being held for the four Christians killed in the sectarian clashes two days earlier.


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