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15 September 2012

Muslim Toughs Hired to Escort Doctors in French No-go Areas

I've written a few times about how various kinds of services have been cut off in the Muslim-colonised no-go areas of France, so great is the risk of aggression against the service providers. Now comes the natural

consequence: Muslims hired at taxpayer expense to escort the service providers through the high-risk areas.

This is like a mafia protection racket. European taxpayers pay one bunch of Muslim toughs for protection from another bunch of Muslim toughs.

And if "big brothers" escorted doctors on night-time visits to sensitive districts? This is the idea of two brothers from Mantes-la-Jolie [district in the Greater Paris region], Khalid Balfoul and Majid Eddaikhane, who grew up in Val-Fourré.

Inspired by associations like SOS Médecins, these two inhabitants of Mantes-la-Jolie wanted to induce doctors who have deserted their estates to come back to their district, having been the victims of incivility and safety problems.

In order to convince practitioners to come back and practise, Khalid and Majid had the idea of offering their escort service to avoid any problems. "The doctors will be based in premises in Mantes-la-Jolie," explains Majid. "When they have to make a visit, they will leave escorted by two people: a driver and an escort."

"There's no point hiding it," continues Khalid,"in difficult districts, the risks of aggression are much more frequent during the night and the fact of having two persons from the district accompanying the doctor will allow him to do his job in better conditions."

The driver will drive the vehicle made available to them then watch over it while the escort will guide and escort the doctor to the patients' home. "The aim is to avoid the doctor having an unpleasant encounter or that people try and take his equipment or medicine away, or attack his car," continues Majid.

It is due to start in October and it is anticipated that 12 people will be recruited, including 10 escorts, all from the district. Two doctors originally also themselves from Mantes-la-Jolie have already accepted to join the venture.

The town is very involved in this project which it will finance and support logistically.



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