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29 August 2012

Montpellier: Police Attacked by Mob While Trying to Arrest 'Jeune'

images.jpgNote the remarkable similarity between this story and the last one I posted. This is what it is like in France now, as the 'no-go areas' extend ever further across the country. This is what makes a no-go area a no-go area. The

police can't arrest anyone without coming under attack from Muslim mobs.

Three agents of the Montpellier anti-crime brigade were wounded on Tuesday evening in an estate in Montpellier when they tried to arrest a 14-year-old adolescent who was pushing a stolen scooter, it has been learned from corroborating sources.

At noon, the police officers were "attacked by the family of the 'jeune', friends and a group which formed rapidly" in the district of Cévennes, in the west of the City, and they were struck with iron bars, indicated the assistant prosecutor Patrick Desjardins.

In the confusion, the minor took flight, while his parents, aged 34 and 37, were taken into custody, along with another 'jeune', added Mr Desjardins. The adolescent returned to the scene one hour later, his hands still bound by the handcuffs behind his back, and was arrested in turn, specified the Hérault director of public safety.

Transported to the emergency department of Montpellier teaching hospital, the officers are suffering from a "broken wrist, damaged finger and an ear in poor condition", according to the prosecutor's office.

Source: Midi Libre


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