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25 August 2012

Turkey tries to make obstacles for the settlement of Armenian Genocide monument in Pasadena

timthumb.jpgAn official from the Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles met with a Pasadena City official in an effort to thwart plans by city to erect an Armenian Genocide monument. The Armenian

National Committee of America Pasadena chapter issued a statement Wednesday denouncing Turkey’s brazen attempts to interfere in city government business. Asbarez.com writes about this.

Below is the text of the announcement:

During the month of August, the Republic of Turkey initiated a meeting with the City of Pasadena to probe for information about the newly formed and independent Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee (PAGMC). The meeting took place at Pasadena City Hall between the Vice Consul of the Republic of Turkey in Los Angeles and the City’s management directors. Vice Consul Arif Celik’s consultation was politically driven stating that the government he represents held a “difference of opinion” about the Armenian Genocide.

The Armenian National Committee of America – Pasadena cannot let such statements go unchecked: the Armenian Genocide is a historical fact and will not be allowed to be subjected to “differences of opinions” or debate. The nation of Turkey should acknowledge the Armenian Genocide and not interfere with American politics, in American cities and proposed projects by American citizens and residents.

Under the American Constitution, the citizens of states, cities, and towns acting through their elected officials, are empowered to conduct their civic affairs without the interference of foreign governments. The Turkish government, which is among the world’s worst violators of freedom of expression, consistently seeks, and has frequently succeeded at the federal level, in imposing a gag rule on American calls for a truthful and just resolution of the Armenian Genocide.

The initiation of a meeting by a foreign nation’s officials with a local U.S. municipality is politically driven and, therefore, is deemed as an attempt to intervene in the affairs of our local American communities. Preserving heritage and memorializing ancestors who were killed by way of genocide is not subject to the political positions of foreign nations.


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