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09 August 2012

Muslim threaten to burn Christian’s homes tonight in Punjab

(PCP) The World Vision in Progress Foundation reports from Pakistan that on August 8, today at about 5; 00 PM an incident took place in Qatil Garhi, City Kasur, kachehri road police station bay division sabz mandi.

About 15 Christian families are living in this area. One of these families washed the flag of Pakistan with the intention of hosting it later on as Independence Day of Pakistan is getting closer. 

Unfortunately that flag blew with the wind and fell on the Muslim neighbor’s house. “Sohini dharti Allah rakhay (May Allah protect the beloved land)” was written on the flag. 

The Muslim neighbors falsely accused the Christians that they had deliberately thrown it there and they have disgraced the name of Allah. They also falsely accused them of sitting on that flag on the name of Allah and use it as a rug. They have announced about this incident in all the mosques and all the Muslims have got together and threatening the Christians that they will burn their houses tonight. There is a lot of stress and tension amongst Christians of that area. The representatives of World Vision in Progress are there to safeguard the Christian families. We, therefore, request you to please keep the Christians of Qatil Garhi in your prayers.

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