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14 June 2012

Attack on Christians in Nigeria, 'dead and wounded'

302963_241704215879381_168150923234711_619937_879203653_n.jpg(AGI) Maiduguri -There have been a new wave of attacks against Christians in northern Nigeria. A group of armed men

opened fire in a church iin the north-east of the country, sowing panic amongst the worshippers and wounding or killing many of them witnesses report. A suicide bomber then exploded himself in front of a church in Jos. "Three armed men entered the Church yard and began to shoot at people outside before going into the principal building and continuing to shoot...many people were killed and wounded," said one of the witnesses, Hamidu Wakawa, who was in the church in Biu Town in the state of Borno. Police have reported to have no information about the

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