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08 June 2012

Indonesian Ulema Council and Militant Group Threaten to Exterminate Pakistani Ex-Muslim Imran Firasat's Family & Children

imran-firasat-family-children.jpgAnd the Spanish police blamed him for his problems and adviced him to make peace with the Islamists

Brave Pakistani ex-Muslim Firasar Imran – who petitioned to the Spanish government for banning the Quran for its violent and totalitarian ideology and has received many death-threats himself – has now received a letter from the "Ulema Majelis of Indonesia" (Ulema Council Indonesia) and a radical Islamist group, threatening to annihilate his family living in Indonesia. Shown below is threatening email:


This letter from the nationally respected Ulema Council was followed by another from an Indonesian Islamist group, "Front Pembela Islam" (Islamic Defenders Front), also threatening to kill Firasat's children in Indonesia:

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