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27 February 2012

Threats to kidnap Adel Imam’s grandchildren

adel_imam_3.jpgThe Al Jeezah Police Station west of Cairo has ordered an immediate investigation in the recent threats received by prominent Egyptian comedian actor Adel Imam to kidnap his five grandchildren. The actor had received numerous text messages on his cellular phone by anonymous individuals threatening him to kidnap his grandchildren.

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Nigeria unrest: Suicide bomb targets church in Jos

_58733816_014096741-1.jpgA suicide car bomber has killed at least three people at a church in the troubled central Nigerian city of Jos, sparking reprisals by Christian youths.

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26 February 2012

Iran: Burning White House will compensate for burning of Quran

obama_muslims.jpgTehran- An Iranian commander has added his voice to the condemnation of the U.S. military actions in burning copies of the Quran in Afghanistan.

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Verizon drops Muslim cable channel A YEAR after owner beheaded his wife at TV studio

article-2106255-11E67A9A000005DC-628_468x286.jpgarticle-2106255-11E66948000005DC-199_468x506.jpgMuzzammil Hassan lured wife to office and stabbed her 40 times after she asked for divorce

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22 February 2012

Christian carer who refused to work on Sundays 'denied rights given to a Muslim allowed to visit mosque'

article-0-11D3F140000005DC-473_233x423.jpgA Christian care worker was forced from her job for refusing to work on Sundays even though a Muslim colleague had time off on Fridays to visit the mosque, a tribunal heard yesterday.

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A New Year of ‘Dhimmitude’ for Egypt’s Copts

CopticChristiansEgypt.gifFor Egypt’s Christian Copts, the New Year began with threats that their churches would be attacked during Christmas mass (celebrated on January 7).

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'He told me to get on the bed and told me to have sex with him'

article-0-11D78455000005DC-216_306x423.jpgarticle-0-11D76741000005DC-88_306x423.jpgGirl, 15, gives harrowing account of being plied with alcohol and passed around Asian gang for sex
Kabeer Hassan (right), from Oldham, and Qamar Shazad (left), from Rochdale, both deny rape

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Kuwaiti MPs call for ban on construction of churches

138987480.jpgA Kuwaiti parliamentarian is set to submit a draft law banning the construction of churches and non-Islamic places of worship in the Gulf state, it was reported at the weekend.

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18 February 2012

After surviving sectarian mob, Egyptian Christians expelled from village

Sharbat, a village near Alexandria in Egypt..jpgThe case sends a worrying signal that Egypt's new parliament is allowing a Mubarak-era system of local justice to trump the rule of law.

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Syrians flee their homes amid fears of ethnic cleansing

IA18-25-Syria.jpgNot everyone is relishing Assad's end. Charlotte McDonald-Gibson meets the members of his Alawite sect living in fear

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Colorado student quits high school choir over Islamic song praising 'Allah'

harper640.jpgA Colorado high school student says he quit the school choir after an Islamic song containing the lyric "there is no truth except Allah" made it into the repertoire.

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