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27 December 2011

Area Muslims: TV show doesn't reflect reality of Islam

000.jpgThe “All-American Muslims” reality TV show doesn’t reflect the reality of practicing Islam, local Muslims say.

The Learning Channel show follows five Muslim families living in Dearborn, Mich., as they deal with issues of faith, customs and community and gives a glimpse into their daily lives.

Local Muslims say the reality TV show doesn’t reflect how a faithful Muslim behaves.

“I think that’s made for TV,” said James Hall, a Muslim, community activist and radio host. “It doesn’t speak for me as a Muslim.”

Islamic Society of Gastonia President Hossam “Sam” Shoukry said he’s not judging anyone or questioning the faith of those appearing on the show, but he also takes issue with the families selected.

Shoukry points to high school football coach Fouad Zaban, who often cusses while talking to his team.

“You should use the right word choice,” Zaban said.

Cast member Nina Bazzy Aliahmad wants to open a nightclub. That’s something that would also be frowned upon since alcohol is prohibited in the Koran.

“I wasn’t really impressed with the whole show,” Shoukry said. “I didn’t feel good about the first two, three episodes.”

Shoukry is an Egyptian native but his children were raised in the United States. His 24-year-old daughter also thought the show’s cast didn’t behave the way Muslims should.

Those who watch the show may think all American Muslims act that way when they aren’t good role models, both Shoukry and Hall said.

“I think the concept is great,” Hall said. “There needs to be a general understanding of how a true Muslim in America lives in America.”

But the families chosen don’t represent the majority of Muslims.

“Yeah, it’s an eye opener on us,” Shoukry said. “But at the same time I don’t know who chose them or why they chose them,” Shoukry said.

The next episode of “All-American Muslim” will be broadcast at 10 p.m. on TLC Jan. 1.

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