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22 November 2011


norwegian-male-mugged-22_11_2011.jpgUnbelievable. This is what the Norwegian political/cultural self anointed ‘elite’ has bequeathed to its society in the name of multiculturalism. Sickening. KGS

Oslo policeman to victim of robbery who had a gun to his head

- I’ll be home in just two minutes, he told his girlfriend. That’s when the battery took place, by robbers who obviously were experienced in this kind of crime.

While the young Norwegian man was blinded by the blood running over his face, he was instructed by the supposedly Somali robbers to say that it was “whites” who did it, not blacks.

Aggressive demand by the two young robbers for both his wallet and his iPhone.

Sturla is blinded by blood from the deep cut in his forehead, but remembers, however, that he has 1500 in cash in his wallet. He hopes the robbers are satisfied with it, but the nightmare continues. They push him down a staircase, then through a pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under Fagerheim street, into Torshov Valley.

Aftenposten follows him on the route the robbers followed. He remembers a man to pass a few tens of meters away, but it was unacceptable to give the alarm.

- You do not cry for help with a gun pressed against his back, says Sturla.

Several times, he is beaten by robbers. Sturla is hurt and confused. They are angry because he’s bent over and too slow.

- Life-

The two robbers target him. He thinks that it is not their first robbery. They lead him into the back of a football binge, then through a hole in a fence into a dense thicket. There, ordered him down on the ground – in the pitch dark.

- I’m lying there in the fetal position terrified, and with my hands over my head to protect me against them.

One of the robbers sits on top of Sturla, and presses the gun up under his chin.

- I feel the cold steel against my skin, remember Sturla with horror.

Murder threat

So begins an increasingly aggressive questioning. “Password, Password” repeat the robbers alternately in broken English and Norwegian. Sturla understands first that there is no PIN codes to his three credit cards they want. They become more threatening to shoot him in the foot. Sturla is unsure of the code of one of the cards. He fears the consequences of remembering incorrectly, when one of the robbers disappear to clear his accounts. But mostly he thinks of his girlfriend who have long expected him home.

His iPhone rings. It is his girlfriend. Robber turn off the sound, sees her name, and scroll to the picture folder, he will find pictures of her, and says: “Very pretty.”

While Norwegian women get raped, the Norwegian men get robbed in the streets of Oslo. The policeman told the victim that the police only had two police cars on duty that Thursday night. They simply don’t have the capacity to keep the city safe for the inhabitants.




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