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19 July 2011

UK: Taxi driver shouts "All Jewish children must die" outside Jewish school

00000000.jpgTaha Osman lost his temper and his Islamic antisemitism overflowed at those whom the Qur'an calls the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82). "Why is that man shouting

at you mummy? Taxi driver hurled racist abuse at mums outside Jewish school in Crumpsall," from the Manchester Evening News, July 19 (thanks to Barry):

A taxi driver ranted racial abuse outside a Jewish school after getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Taha Osman shrieked ‘All Jewish children must die!’ after his car was hemmed in by parents picking up pupils outside King David School in Crumpsall.

Two mums on the school run and a teaching assistant were singled out in a foul-mouthed and ‘frightening’ tirade witnessed by kids, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Osman – an Iraqi Kurd who has settled in Britain – also shouted that Jewish people were ‘animals’ who ‘should not be allowed in this country’.

This too is Qur'anic: the Qur'an says that Allah cursed the disobedient Jews and transformed them into apes and pigs (2:62-65; 5:59-60; 7:166).

Projection Alert: It is Taha Osman who should not be allowed in Britain.

The 36-year-old denied causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress in a trial, but was found guilty by the jury.

Sentencing him to a community order, Judge David Stockdale QC said it was a ‘particularly nasty offence’ – but did not warrant a jail sentence....



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