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24 August 2010

Two people assaulted in France for eating during Ramadam. One was not even Muslim

4920008603_7314742aa9_t.jpgA man who was lunching on the terrace of a restaurant in central Lyon was assaulted for not respecting Ramadan

He breakfasted on the terrace of a restaurant in central Lyon, the weekend of Aug. 15, when three youths pounced on him because he does not respect the fasting month of Ramadan.  The father of Senegalese origin, living Venissieux, was struck in the head with a glass bottle, then hit with a chair.

Transported to the hospital with a fractured skull at the back, the victim has been trépanée. The attack was filmed by a CCTV camera, but the bad images do not identify the attackers. The Lyon prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation.  According to our information, the manager of Kebab, fearing reprisals, would testify under X.

Three days later, a young Jewish woman who wore a complaint after being assaulted in a large area of Toulouse. . The victim claimed to have been taken to task by two teenagers who accused him of buying food during fasting.

The young woman would then argued that she was Jewish, which would only intensify the anger of his attackers, who, after having called a “dirty Jew”, allegedly hit on the head, by the heavy fall.

A vigil attended the scene without intervening. When questioned by investigators about the reasons for its passivity, the man explained that he respected Ramadan and so was anxious to leave in order to eat, from the sunset.


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