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10 July 2010

Muslim extremists chop off hand of professor

joseph-kerala.jpgProfessor T. J. Joseph, his mother and sister (a Catholic Nun) were returning home from Sunday Mass when their car was stopped by a van carrying several men who carried out a savage and bloody attack on the 53 year old educator. Asia News reports.

Joseph's sister, Mary Stella, says that "the assailants destroyed the window of our car and pulled out my brother to execute him. My poor mother, who was in the car with us, witnessed the crime."

The police in Kochi, India said that Professor Joseph was attacked with knives and swords by his assailants who stabbed him several times and then hacked off his "hand and right arm" before "throwing them away after about 200 meters."

The reason for the brutal attack on the professor is believed to be in retribution for an incident last March while Joseph was teaching at Newman College in Thodupuzhe. Professor Joseph had angered members of the Muslim community by preparing an exam which "included questions offensive to Muhammad."

Due to a series of protests by Islamic groups, he was suspended from school. Later, Joseph publicly apologized for his "unintentional error." Joseph's mother said that in recent months her son continued to receive death threats.

Sajan K. George, president of the Global Council of India spoke of his "sorrow for these attacks by Muslims against Christians" and expressed concern for the growth of Islamic extremism in the region. George also said.

"Christian schools are often targeted on the headscarf issue or another issue and unfortunately many schools succumb under pressure. The design of these militants is to provoke peaceful Christian communities and provoke a civil war. The rapid growth of the Muslim population and their influence in elections is increasing safety concerns for Christians throughout this country."

According to The Hindu.

Professor Joseph underwent two lengthy micro-vascular surgeries at the Specialists Hospital, Kochi, and the severed palm was ‘reconstructed and re-grafted.' Hospital sources said he was conscious and that his condition was stable. He is recovering in the intensive-care unit.

The Kochi Police have announced that two members of the radical Muslim group Popular Front of India were arrested on Monday in connection to the attack on Professor Joseph. Twelve other suspects with "extremist links" are also being held for interrogation.

The brutal attack has outraged the people of this region of India and drawn widespread condemnation and demands for stern new measures to prevent further violent incidents. A number of Muslim organizations including the Indian Muslim League have stepped forward to condemn the attack of Professor Joseph and have asked the government to take aggressive action in bringing the attackers to justice.


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It really drives me mad that to know these happenings occurring bye Muslims. And what most drives me mad is the method many people use in that place to punish somebody.

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