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30 January 2010

urgent : Mentally ill affects new Dishna Copts and released

In a telephone conversation one of the parents in the village of Abu Manna Center broke ground on the west Qena upper ,Egypt  , tell us0021.jpg

about the Muslim citizen named Ahmed Kamal El-Din in his twenties, attacked the Christian village street inhabited by a majority of the Copts on the evening of Friday, 29/1/2010, where the attack resulted in Samir Iqladeus injury 55 years "Driver" in the face, where he was attacked by Ahmed Kamal El-Din, along with a sharp knife, shouting God and the largest, Faqaovernm, but managed to stab injury in the destination, and after this number of residents and were able to arrest him, and took the knife from it.

He was handed over to the Mayor Samir Mohammed, the betrayer to the Center inaugurated, has been submitted to prosecutors evening about ten o'clock pm, and after submission to the prosecution, surprised people in about ten o'clock at night to release him of Serai prosecutor, came to his brothers and Astelmoh then went to the section the victim was forced Samir Iqladeus to sign the minutes of the Peace

He heard that the families of the young people had brought certify that he is mentally ill, and some have assured us that security is brought to these testimonies, was released from the department, has not been submitted to the State security, as is the case or presented to the psychiatrist to make sure that mental illness or not, but until we are continuing Toatye security with respect to sectarian incidents against the Copts.

Confirmed us as one people by telephone that about 40 families from the village of Abu Manna Center inaugurated the West, have closed their homes since the time since five in the afternoon on Saturday, 30/1/2010, and even the writing of this report and is not one of them on the phone and confirmed that some The residents there are afraid of being subjected to another attack

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This does not surprise me. THIS IS THE TRUE FACE OF ISLAM. May the lord help his children.

Posted by: A PROUD CHRISTIAN | 10 February 2010

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