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15 March 2009


89222_1.jpgA MUSLIM hate preacher who demanded that all British women be forced to wear burkhas faced a storm of outrage last night.

Firebrand Anjem Choudary said he wanted every woman to be covered by a full-length cloak in his vision of Britain under Sharia law.

The lawyer, who praised the Mumbai terror attacks, also said he wanted to see the “flag of Allah” flying over Downing Street, adulterers stoned to death and drunks whipped.

Choudary, 41, sparked fury this week when he branded British soldiers “cowards” and was behind a sickening anti-war protest against troops who were arriving home from Iraq to a heroic welcome.

Last night politicians and fellow Muslims condemned his comments while some called for him to leave the country.

Choudary, the leader of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, a group set up following the banning of extremist sect al-Muhajiroun, led by now-exiled preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, said he offered “a pure Islamic state with Sharia law in Britain”.

He said: “Every woman, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, would have to wear a traditional burkha and covereverything apart from her face and hands in public.”

“In matters to do with the judicial system and the penal code, one male witness is sufficient to counter the testimony of two females. People who commit adultery would be stoned to death.”

Despite becoming possibly the most despised man in Britain with his fanatical views, he remained unrepentant.

“That’s a badge I would wear with pride,” he said. “It’s inevitable that when you offer an alternative morality and way of life, many people will hate you for it.”

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this sick f_uck means what he says

Posted by: simon | 16 March 2009

Dear Friends,
England deserves guys like that because for so long the once Christian England allowed these terrorists to live and even take england as a base for launching their terrorist attacks. Now, they have started turning against that the country that gave them shelter for so long. The problem doesn't lie in the strength of these coward terrorists that intent on forcing the darkness of islam upon the british society, but rather it lies with the extreme weakness of the british society that had lost its Judeo-Christian heritage that made it once Great Britain, yet now it is nothing more than backward isles on the verge of bankruptcy both financially and spiritually. Therefore it is normal to have a crazy maniac like that terrorist raising his voice in a country that had lost its moral voice and became voiceless

Posted by: Hany | 16 March 2009

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