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25 February 2009

AN al-Qaeda terror suspect was given a taxpayers’ handout of £9,000 last year, an MP revealed yesterday

0000.jpgThe man, who can’t be named, is the subject of an anti-terror control order

 Tory MP Patrick Mercer said the Home Office had confirmed the man got £7,744 towards his accommodation, £891 for utilities like water and electricity, £429 for council tax and £88 towards phone line rental.


The news follows a European Court ruling last week that taxpayers must pay more than £70,000 to hate preacher Abu Qatada and eight other terror suspects.


Mr Mercer, a member of the Home Affairs Committee, has established that nine other suspects on UK control orders are also pocketing benefits.


He said: “In the current economic climate this is outrageous. After the Qatada revelations this adds insult to injury. I am furious about the handout of money to people who mean the British taxpayer nothing but harm.”


Meanwhile, it also emerged that freed Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyan Mohamed is due to receive benefits of £85 a week until his immigration status is resolved.



FIVE former Guantanamo inmates yesterday had their terrorism convictions overturned in France, despite admitting attending al-Qaeda training camps.


The Paris court ruled that the French nationals had confessions forced out of them.



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