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04 February 2009

Muslim leader accused of sexual assault in Chesapeake

oMbP7r4QXY3CEIkmoC2Xfdned7WTIKRN00EC.jpgCHESAPEAKE -- A Muslim leader faces sexual assault charges.

Chesapeake police arrested Imam Iskender Ali Mihr, also known as Iskender Evrenosoglu, on Tuesday.

The alleged victim says she was inappropriately touched last October while she was in his office for prayer.

That woman, a college student, left the U.S. and returned to Turkey.

She’s one of 100 followers of Ali Mihr in Hampton Roads.

Iskender Evrenosoglu, who lives on Marina Reach, is charged with one count of sexual battery.

Police say the woman filed a report on January 19 and Evrenosoglu was arrested Monday and released that day.

The Imam is due in court later this




This is an ugly slander devil always use against to friends of GOD.
TURKISH SECRET SERVICE working hard to eliminate Mr. Evrenosoglu because He is teaching peace between all religions.


Posted by: OSMANT | 12 February 2009

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