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23 January 2009


0101.jpg(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, JANUARY 22 - The black turban of the Shiite leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement alongside an image of the Virgin Mary and the most important Lebanese Christian saints

this is what can be seen on certain photos in rosary beads and bracelets, as published a few days ago on the internet. According to the Beirut news site, NowLebanon, besides the images of the trinkets bearing Hassan Nasrallah's profile alongside that of the Madonna and in San Sharbil, a video was also recently published on the internet showing a choir of young people praise the Shiite movement under the roof of a Christian church in Beirut, perhaps San Giuseppe, which is on the edge of the southern part of the city, and is a traditional Hezbollah stronghold. "We are not responsible for the photos, nor for the production or design of the bracelets and rosaries", Hussein Rahhal said, a spokesperson for the Shiite movement, as quoted by NowLebanon'. "The Lebanese constitution decrees the freedom of religious expression and perhaps there are many Christians who consider Nasrallah to be a saint", Rahhal added. The An-Nahar' newspaper in Beirut had reported the story in previous days, affirming that the bracelets and rosaries were made in the Shiite suburbs of the city. Many Lebanese Christian authorities have themselves denounced the circulation of these objects as "an insult to Christian saints". (ANSAmed).

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hey ... I was shocked you might say to hear that Nasser Allah is put in the bracelet with the photos of saints that is absurd although i respect Nasser Allah a lot and find some resining in his sayings but putting his photo with saints is not logic nor respectful to the saints or holy spirit....

Posted by: zero_cool | 24 April 2009

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I understand the placement of certain people among saints can offend some people. It's a very thin line, however, to decide who should be a saint and who shouldn't. There will always be some controversy who should and shouldn't be a saint. I think people can wear whatever kind of jewelry they want and put whatever they want on it.

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