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30 July 2008

Wachovia and other corporations submit to sharia

9b230f9d946f34d11d1fce0df40fd802.jpgWachovia has set up mosques prayer rooms for Muslims complete with Islamic foot baths for employees (possibly non-employees as well). Bank of America, IBM, and Glaxo apparently have done the same or plan to, and so sharia creeps in North Carolina and corporate America. Did it only take two Muslim employees to force two of the worlds largest banks to succumb to sharia?

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Iran: Sixteen Christian converts arrested

b78d8ffbbaa4f7606d24706819c8154f.jpgTehran, 29 July (AKI) - Sixteen Iranians who converted from Islam to Christianity were arrested on Tuesday in Malakshahr, on the outskirts of the central Iranian city of Isfahan.

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Sharia in The Park: Helsinki Bows to Islam......!

Those of you who think that we in the Counter-Jihad are guilty of over playing the threat that Islam poses to our western culture and way of life, take a look at this one, originally posted at Jussi K Niemelä's blog (Finnish), based on an article in Helsinkin Sanomat (Finnish).

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28 July 2008

Janitor charged in sex attack of boy, 13, at mosque

f2ab579e77ced16edcb6c4357edc33a9.jpgThe live-in janitor at a Selden mosque sexually attacked a 13-year-old boy inside the place of worship,

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Web jihadist employed by federal contractor

Communications worker says dead GIs 'bring great happiness to me'

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26 July 2008

62% of Egyptian men regularly harass women

84a23a63aafa14eb851610a4eed83043.gifAlmost two-thirds of Egyptian men harass women and believe their victims bring it on themselves when they wear tight and revealing clothes, according to a study released over the weekend by the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights in Cairo.

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Man critical after alleged crime spree

An Atlanta man who allegedly stole a truck in Shelbyville Wednesday is in critical condition in a Chattanooga hospital after allegedly attempting to sexually assault a woman, run down a deputy and flee from police at high speed through Franklin County

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23 July 2008

Pakistan court says the forced conversion of two kidnapped girls is legal

A Christian father in Pakistan is trying without success to gain custody through the courts of his two pre-teen daughters who were kidnapped and made to convert to Islam - writes Anto Akkara.

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(ANSAmed) - GAZA, JULY 22 - On the computer there is a big image of Democratic candidate Barack Obama. The rooms are swarming with

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BIG NEWS: "Model" Hamtramckstan Muslim Councilman Arrested for Beating Wife

6eeb51e58f4f477bf6d160f42460a54d.jpgI've written a great deal about Hamtramck, Michigan, the city wholly surrounded by Detroit that once was home to Polish immigrants' homes and businesses (including my great-great-uncle Chaim's shoe shop), but

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19 July 2008

Arabs buy New York landmark for $840m

The Abu Dhabi Investment Council had bought the landmark New York skyscraper the Chrysler Building for $US800million ($A839.6million), sources close to the deal said.

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