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30 June 2008

Christian Teenage Shepherd Dies After Muslim Owner Refuses Medical Treatment

3d0d11983b62f35b97d393ddcb6b3fce.jpgSARGODHA, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Impoverished Christian parents in Pakistan's Punjab province were still awaiting justice Monday, June 30, more than two weeks after their teenage son died from rabies while working as a shepherd, because a radical Muslim "feudal lord" allegedly refused to provide him proper medical treatment

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29 June 2008

For Iraqi Christians, Money Bought Survival

1c7b11821b2a03225020142728180e6b.jpgMOSUL, Iraq — As priests do everywhere, Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho, the leader of the Chaldean Catholics in this ancient city, gathered alms at Sunday Mass. But for years the money

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It should come as no surprise that after previously dashing months of preparation and disappointing hundreds of local children and adults who had prepared to be in the "first" planned St George's Day Parade

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27 June 2008

Jordan prosecutor charges 3 Muslim militants with plotting to attack Amman church

AMMAN, Jordan : Jordan's military prosecutor has charged three suspected militants of plotting to attack a Roman Catholic church in the Jordanian capital.

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Indonesian authorities tear down three churches in Bekasi

4319a5a160531019fa5f4d56badf2f20.jpgDisregarding an agreement reached with Christian religious leaders, Indonesian officials demolish three Protestant churches, which had been previously forced to suspend their Sunday functions. Christians complain about what they view as a “discriminatory act against us.”

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The Copts expose Muslims terror in sweeping demonstrations all over the Western world

00ae94d2758637e17505813102ee074f.jpgNo one on earth

knows  Islam

and  muslims

better  than 

the  Copts.   

Will the West get the 

message  and  wake  up ? 

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Ex-Muslim on the Run for Conversion

b661f73cc7ecf6ab3d5f9cd1fbb6a0f2.jpgCBNNews.com - From the Gaza strip to neighboring Egypt, his father is promising to kill him for becoming a believer.

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26 June 2008


2cd09f6d5e40f599da07404f046d6f9b.jpgOfficers seize Christians from their home, leaving ill 4-year-old girl unattended.

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25 June 2008

Obama: America is 'no longer Christian' Democrat says nation also for Muslims, nonbelievers

24b3050935022382a6a731a199afcc21.jpgJERUSALEM – Some have been taking issue with largely unnoticed comments made last year by Sen. Barack Obama declaring the U.S. is "no longer a Christian nation" but is also a nation of others, including Muslims and nonbelievers

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22 June 2008

France: Coptic Christians to march against attacks in Egypt

France's Association of Copts plans to hold a demonstration on Sunday against what it calls "repeated and ferocious" attacks against members of the Coptic Christian minority in Egypt.

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Houston: Muslims threaten publisher for describing heretical Islamic sect as Muslims

The Ahmadiyyas are a sect considered heretical by mainstream Muslims (not least because they reject violent jihad), and are consequently often persecuted in Muslim countries. And now, courtesy of our mad failure to

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