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27 June 2008

Jordan prosecutor charges 3 Muslim militants with plotting to attack Amman church

AMMAN, Jordan : Jordan's military prosecutor has charged three suspected militants of plotting to attack a Roman Catholic church in the Jordanian capital.

The indictment Thursday said the plot was foiled when the group's mastermind was arrested for speeding outside Amman in May, on the day he planned to carry out the attack. No trial date was set.

If found guilty, the three Jordanians, who are of Palestinian origin, face up to 15 years in jail. One of them remains at large.

The indictment says the three planned to remotely detonate an explosive-laden vehicle during a Sunday mass.

Militants have in the past targeted liquor shops and night clubs — but never churches — in Jordan. Christians make up 4 percent of Jordan's nearly 6 million people.

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