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23 July 2008


(ANSAmed) - GAZA, JULY 22 - On the computer there is a big image of Democratic candidate Barack Obama. The rooms are swarming with

continuous activity and phone calls to potential US voters. But one of the refugee camps of Gaza, Nusseriat, in the heart of the Gaza Strip firmly controlled by Hamas is seen from the window. These passionate supporters of Obama, from today evening on a one-day visit in Jerusalem and Ramallah, are Palestinians, born and grown in Gaza. In their calls they try to convince the US citizens to support the democratic candidate. Almost all of them are unemployed. They have never been abroad and they have studied English in the schools in Gaza. But call after call their skill of expression is increasing. "We are convinced that Obama is a man of peace, who will change the Middle East and will put an end to the pain of the Palestinians," the animator of the initiative, freelance journalist Ibrahim Abu Jayab, from news agency Ramattan, told ANSA. Almost the entire conversation with the potential USì voters is to explain the identity of the unusual "volunteers" of the Democratic Party. It comes out that a few US' citizens are familiar with terms such as 'Palestine' and 'Gaza' and their exact geographical location needs laborious explanations. But enthusiasm does not lack, as ANSA saw today. Around Abu Jayab there are some twenty long-standing activists, who are computer buffs. Will they try to send a message to Obama during his short stay in the region? A direct channel does not exist, at least for now, Abu Jayab admitted. Through interviews to the foreign media, they hope that Obama will finally find out about their activities and will send a message of encouragement to the subsidiary of the US Democratic Party blossomed unexpectedly in the refugee camp in Gaza. (ANSAmed).


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