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23 April 2008

Muslims attacked Christian worshippers and dragging women’s hair in Upper Egypt.

64f35781ad4416567d37a1af42cd1892.jpgCome to our attention that a group of Muslims had attacked yesterday some worshippers after leaving the Christian Orthodox Church of Abu Fana of the village of Hor Palace modules, using sticks, resulting in the injury of five Coptic people with

slightly injuries. And they are:  Samuel Kamel, Ashraf Mansy and Ishak Naseem, Hani Samir, and Bahaa Samir.  The other five people were injured, eyewitnesses said they had injured themselves so as to float the issue and create a balance between the two sides, putting it within the framework of the altercation!!

The witnesses added that these persons are likely to be the men of Samir Abu Loly who attacked Abu Fana Monastery last January.

Eyewitnesses said that yesterday, Sunday, following the exit of Christians from the holiday (Palm Sunday) Mass at
Abu Fana Church of the village of Hor Palace of the Centre of Mallawi. They were surprised by groups of citizens Muslims attacked Christians with sticks and some of them with exposure to girls and women grabbing their hair and pushing on the ground in a painful scene, for an unknown causes of the attack on the peaceful worshippers.
The eyewitnesses added that the police had to arrest the persons of Muslims and Copts to be investigated by the police station in Mallawi  The Church priest Mettias Kamal refused to say a  statement at this time before the end of investigations by police forces, but added that the church continues to prayer dates associated Albeskha Week of pain and that there was no clear explanation of what happened on the part of those persons who attacked worshippers in progress and follow up the situation and conduct investigations.

Samir Bahaa one of the wounded said (during exiting from the church my wife and I and our children's uncle and my brothers) were the last group exiting the church after the Mass, someone belonging to Samir Abu Loly ran over a girl with a bike, and then we saw at least 12 individual men and they attacked us with sticks, which led to infection crack in my hand and injured my brothers Hani, Samuel and Ashraf.   We reported the incident to the police station that arrested a group of us after the second party went to the police and filed a report against us and they have also injured themselves.  Bahaa added that there are now attempts to hold reconciliation between the parties’ intervention of Christian leaders, and some Islamic leaders People.


Bahaa said that they are from good families, have great values, have never assaulted one and it is unreasonable that they went to the church with sticks.  This assault on us was motivated by feelings of hatred in particular it is not the first time, have preceded some harassment by the same people in the Good Friday of last year and insisted that they do not seek to create any enmity with their fellow Muslims, but there is a group seeking to spread a climate of hatred and sow discord, persons who are known to all, yet the police did not deal with them!!! splendor and wished to pass this incident calmly without any new tensions in particular they celebrating the Week of pain and go to church every day in times of late, and afraid to use tendentious incident to expand the crisis if the police deal with them strongly, and added that things are now moving normally, but there is congestion between the two sides.
It is noteworthy that the church Abu Fana of Hor Village is  away from the village of  Abu Fana monastery about three kilometers, which previously came under attack last January by gunmen led by a person named Samir Abu Loly, and still the problem of building the fence for the monastery is unresolved so far despite a decision to build, but the decision did not come implementation of the land and we appeal to the monastery all those responsible to quickly end to the problem to protect the monastery of attacks against them in recent years.

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Arselifters are filthy vermin! This just adds more proof.

Posted by: Gary R. | 25 April 2008

I just spent an hour posting a comment and when I went to edit it a window said site expired or some such crap.I will not waste another hour.

Posted by: James | 26 April 2008

Gee James, I guess the site owner did it on purpose.

Posted by: Exposing Islam | 18 May 2008

These incidents are some of many and this is a way of life for the Copts of Egypt.

It is amazing that our media ignores such atrocities against the Christians of Egypt.

Posted by: rony | 19 May 2008

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