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15 April 2008

Islamic terrorists planned to bomb Australian rugby final

Sydney - Islamic terrorists planned to bomb the capacity crowd at Australia's 2005 rugby final, a court in Melbourne was told Tuesday. The revelations came during

the testimony of Izzydeen Atik, a former associate of 12 suspected terrorists who are on trial for planning attacks in Australia.

Atik told the court that alleged ringleader Abdul Nacer Benbrika had told him the 100,000-strong crowd at the 2005 cup final in Melbourne was the initial target, but plans were changed two months before the game when police raided the homes of group members.

Atik also claimed that Algerian-born cleric Benbrika had shown him videos of masked men beheading a non-Muslim dressed in orange.

In late 2005, police charged Atik with fraud after they caught him with a list of stolen credit card numbers, SIM cards and several mobile phones.

'Benbrika told me it was permissible to steal from the (non-Muslims) because it was lawful to take their blood, therefore their wealth is lawful,' Atik told the court.

The trial continues.

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