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30 November 2007

Detroit man pleads guilty in bid to aid Hezbollah

67238a22ce982cf0ee391fe4f14f047c.jpgDETROIT (Reuters) - A Detroit-area man on Thursday pleaded guilty to terrorism-related charges after a failed 1998 attempt to deliver global positioning systems and night-vision goggles to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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Indonesia: Anti-AIDS condom campaign splits Muslims

Jakarta, 29 Nov. (AKI) - Breaking a long-held taboo, the Indonesian government has decided to promote safe sex by launching its first ever National Condom Week in an effort to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS

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29 November 2007

Over 81,000 Indians deported from Gulf in ‘07

c39f0df28935c31d451a8a4676dd9deb.jpgOver 81,000 Indians were deported from Gulf countries this year on various grounds, including non-possession of valid visas, resident permits and violation of local laws, government said on Thursday

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The War on Christmas has evolved into the War on Literature. The Dickens Christmas Festival will now be known as the Dickens Holiday Festival

87eccc62e73f30be8411d01881ddddc8.jpg(wnem.com)  Tightening budgets...

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Jihadists crucify one, behead two in Thailand

086007b7ca1193ba4c3f620200d3af3a.jpg(news.yahoo.com)  A Muslim military informant was shot and crucified, while two Buddhist men were beheaded Wednesday by suspected Islamic separatists in Thailand's

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Krekar makes new threats

ca010ec726db51d740ca22bde4e11e42.jpgJust three days after Norway's highest court upheld a state expulsion order against Mullah Krekar, the man who's considered a threat to the nation's security has made new threats against the country that's harboured him for years

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28 November 2007

After 40 years a Catholic Church in West Java is forced to close

2585604d1f18a71f340da09cc7bfdf05.jpgChrist’s Peace Church has been active since 1968 now local Muslims are contesting the use of the buildings for religious purposes. With the backing of police and local politicians the extremists have won their battle: the parish does not have the legal permit and therefore must close down. For years the church had sought to obtain the permit without success, gaining only a staunch refusal from the government.

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Empty Lebanon presidency worries Christians

f710a269ba5b8b9e03d18f51ef1dd659.jpgBEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanon's Christians fear a prolonged political vacuum while the post of president is filled will weaken their position in a sectarian system that reserves the job for them.

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26 November 2007

To make room for more rape victims in prison, Saudis release 1,500 Jihadists after they promise not to attack Saudi Arabia

11df835655d2c2cda11f518efae4d6e0.jpg(dailystar.com.lb)  Saudi...

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Woman Sentence To Three Years For 'Lying' On Marriage Certificate

f675dc78235008dfa2126a2ec44ed294.jpgCairo, Egypt (AHN) - An Egyptian court has sentenced a woman to three years in prison because her father converted to Islam briefly 45 years ago. Under Egyptian law, religion is passed to children from the father.

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Rioting in Paris after Muslim Youths Killed

d4edf7fefcb13647b4b0fdc096a4987b.jpgRioting has been ongoing in the Paris suburbs for hours after the deaths of two teenagers in what appears to be an accidental crash with a police vehicle

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