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29 November 2007

The War on Christmas has evolved into the War on Literature. The Dickens Christmas Festival will now be known as the Dickens Holiday Festival

87eccc62e73f30be8411d01881ddddc8.jpg(wnem.com)  Tightening budgets...


SAGINAW, Mich. -- Tightening budgets have forced Mt. Pleasant to take Christ out of their Christmas. The traditional Dickens Christmas Festival has been re-named the Dickens Holiday Festival so the city can advertise in local schools. In order to get more bang for their buck out of a thinning advertisement budget, the organization wants to put fliers in schools. For that to happen, the word “Christmas” had to be removed. Downtown Development Coordinator Michelle Sponseller said many people are unhappy with the change. “We changed the name this year for the schools because we wanted to advertise in the school brochures and the schools have a list of words you can’t use like Santa, Christmas and Nativity. So did a brochure for the schools and we took those words out.” Sponseller said they made a brochure for the public with word Christmas is still in it. Downtown Development board member Kriss Roethleisberger said, “The spirit of the event has not changed. We have the live Nativity, the lighted Christmas parade, the community Christmas sing. It was simply that on one piece of marketing material we had the use the word ‘holiday.’” The entire event is put on by volunteers and starts Friday, Nov. 30 and runs through the weekend.


The organization maintains the spirit of the festival won’t change, simply the name.


"... the schools have a list of words you can’t use like Santa, Christmas and Nativity ... "

does this 'list' include:
Mohammed. Islam, Koran, Eid, Rahmadan, Mecca, etc. ?

and if not,

Posted by: exdemexlib | 30 November 2007

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