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01 October 2007

Muslim checkout staff can refuse to sell drink

bbba12bdce1959a1ef2debca6d5768a3.jpgMuslim supermarket checkout staff have been given the right to refuse to sell alcohol to customers.

Muslim supermarket checkout staff have been given the right to refuse to sell alcohol to customers.

At least one chain has allowed workers to call in a colleague to take their place when customers are buying beer, wine or spirits.

Those with religious objections to selling drink have been asked to raise their hands so that a colleague can step in.

Staff have also been allowed to avoid stacking shelves with alcohol.

The system by which a checkout worker can raise their hand to avoid selling alcohol - much in the same way staff under 18 have to raise their hand to get the permission of a supervisor to sell drink - has been introduced by Sainsbury's.

The chain operates the practice at at least one store in North London, where one checkout worker is regularly replaced by Muslim colleagues who are prepared to sell alcohol and handle packages or bottles containing it.

Sainsbury's said yesterday that it operates a 'flexible' system in which store managers make their own decisions on what practices suit the needs of staff and the demands of trade.

A spokesman said: "We are flexible and we will accommodate religious needs as far as we can. We don't have a hard and fast rule."

Muslim groups praised the store for its understanding of religious needs.

Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "By selling alcohol you are not committing a sin. You are just doing the job you are paid for.

"Muslim employees have a duty to their employer and in supermarkets most people would accept that in selling alcohol you are merely passing it through a checkout. That is hardly going to count against you on the day of judgement."

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No one is spreading lies about Muslims. Yet they themselves persecute Christians in the Middle East. It is in their religion to hate others and to believe their religion is the only true one.

I wish with all my heart that Coptic Christians learn that Jesus went to the Cross and rose from the dead, to fulfill his promise to always be with us in order to guide us, to protect us and to comfort us. It is the Lord who made our bodies and minds, and he knows how to guide us through our spiritual senses such as intuition and dreams. He is with you through his Holy Spirit. He still does miracles.

Please trust in His presence to guide you always and have faith in His unfailing love for you. He is with you. I would like to write you more information.

Posted by: Whispered-Softly | 05 October 2007

The Kingdom of God

Jesus told his apostles, to baptise people in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, and to teach them of the Kingdom of God. You need to know what this means.

Recall, Jesus and later all his apostles were persecuted. Christians were hunted down for the first 300 years. With their death went much knowledge and understanding of Jesus and His parables.

When the church rose in power, the churches separated and the church excluded much of Jesus' teachings. They did not fully understand the Trinity of God, nor of the importance of the Resurrection of Jesus, so they never taught people about the Holy Spirit which is the loving presence of Jesus.

Because Jesus knew Christians would be persecuted, he offered them the Comforter or Holy Spirit or Spirit of Truth which is awareness of the Lord's own presence in the lives of all people. He is with us to love and to guide us, and most Christians do not know this because of the early persecution of the Christians.

The Kingdom of God is God's own presence or Holy Spirit that is with each person on earth. God is with us, to love us and to guide us. Experiencing this truth will give Christians much strength, love and Joy. It is directly from God to inside your own being.

As each person learns how God works with us, they experience Heaven on earth even if all the rest of the world is suffering in hell. For Heaven is experiencing God's realism and God's intimate love for you. When we experience God's realism and love for us, we want others to also experience it for we know their behavior changes from bad to good.

To baptise people in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, is to help them understand Jesus is the Father, He is God almighty and He is Omnipresent.

God not only made all of life on earth but God made our bodies and our minds. Only in modern times, was it discovered that we had a conscious and a subconcious mind. But through all of the prophets, God spoke to them in visions, intuition, and dreams. Dreams, visions and intuition come from God to us, through our spiritual senses.

If we all learn what is intuition, our sixth sense is actually our spiritual sense, is we will discover it is to guide us in all we do and to protect us from danger and suffering. Only God knows what is right or wrong in all situations, and each situation can be quite different. If people honoured their intuition, there would be no injuries. Missing children would be found, and much more would happen.

God made the dream state. It is very important as it is a direct channel for God to use when He wants to communicate to us. It is also a cleansing station for all that we put away into our subconscious.

God said be still and know I am God: this means when we quiet our thoughts, we will hear only silence. This is the narrow way few follow but it is how God answers our questions and how God provides the solutions to our problems. It is also how God comforts us when we are experiencing trouble, fearsome circumstances etc.God speaks to our spiritual hearts. God is a loving God and we will sense Him and Know it is Him by the Love we will experience.

Thus through learning about our Intuition, dreams, visions, and meditation we will discover God's realism in our personal life and God's love for us, and in turn, we will experience much love and Joy. After we do, we can baptise others and help them too to experience God's realism and love.

It is this way, the the Lord presents himself to us. It is also one of the ways, Jesus will return to our world, as more people experience him He will become more visible.

He hears our prayers, He speaks to us, He guides us, and He loves us. He wants to end all sufferings, injustices throughout the world and He wants to restore the world back to his heart which is paradise.

Have Faith that all authority and power belong to Him. have faith in the Holy Spirit, Trust that He knows you and loves you. For he said to doubting Thomas, Blessed are those who have believed but have not seen. Indeed, your faith has never been in vain.

If all the world is evil and surrounds you to hurt you. God is with you and will defend you, and God has already overcame the world. This world belongs to Him and He is returning the world back to His loving hands.

Satan knows his ship is sinking and a lot of people are on board. he is a liar, and a deceiver, and He can pose as a great light or religion. Even so, no matter how numerous his supporters are, no matter how evil are their tactics, they will not win and they will be accountable for the sufferings they have imposed.

Know that it is written in Revelations: 21: 3 that I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, Now the dwelling of God is with humankind, and he will live with them. They will be his people and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes and there will be no more death, or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

Posted by: Barbara Doucet | 05 October 2007

It is in YOUR religion to believe YOUR religion is the only true one. Christians persecute Muslims all over the world. This is what happens when you are a minority. It isn't right but it is a reality. I also do not understand how a Muslim not ringing up an alcohol purchase is of great concern to somebody.

Besides that, I would tell you that you would get a lot more sympathy if you wrote and posted things in a way that is not so obviously provacative. You are no better than the Palestinians (yeah, there was once many Christian palestinians there too) who show pictures of bloody babies to get a reaction. Using terms like "Muhammad's Lovers" in an attempt to insinuate something that is not true is just plain wrong and that is only one example.

I would also suggest reading the bible in the original language (something I myself have done a bit) and study the different manuscripts too. Then come back and tell me what Jesus really said.

Allahu allam & God help you on your path.

Posted by: Yasimi | 18 October 2007

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