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01 October 2007

Iraqi Christians forced to leave

78315871800e4de773968be15590d3d2.jpg(washingtontimes.com) Nabil Comanny and his family endured the dead bodies in the streets, the roaming kidnap gangs and the continuing...

BAGHDAD — Nabil Comanny and his family endured the dead bodies in the streets, the roaming kidnap gangs and the continuing power failures.

The Christian family stayed in their southern Dora neighborhood after their Muslim neighbors fled the daily fighting between Sunnis and Shi'ites.

But when a hand-scrawled note appeared on their door telling them to convert to Islam, pay $300 a month for "protection" or die, they realized they had to leave their home of 11 years.

"We don't have weapons, and the government doesn't protect us. What else can we do?" said Mr. Comanny, a 37-year-old journalist.

Islamic militants are increasingly targeting Christians, especially here in the capital, forcing an exodus that has cut deeply into the long-standing minority community.

Although meaningful numbers are hard to come by, the last Iraqi census, conducted in 1987, counted 1 million Christians. National aid groups estimate between 300,000 and 600,000 Christians remain today among an estimated 25 million people.

Mr. Comanny said he began to worry last spring when militants posted documents across the neighborhood ordering all residents to follow strict Islamic law. Among the 18 specific points, women were told they must wear all-enveloping black burqas.

"It's not our tradition," Mr. Comanny said. "How can Christian women be expected to do this?"

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I wish all the persecuted Christians understand Jesus went to the Cross in order to fulfill his eternal promise to be with each Christian to love and to guide them.

Indeed Christians in Islamic nations are severally persecuted, and that is because Muslims want to believe with the totality of their beings that Muhammad was correct but God is not violent nor an oppressor. Only God was to come, no prophet was to come.

God does not endorse man's violence against other people of other faiths. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword, those who show mercy will be shown mercy, For all authority and power belong to Jesus. Jesus has never left us, and His reign has already begun, but Satan resists Him and thus innocents suffer because that is how Satan wills to hurt God through violence towards people.

Dearest Christians hold on to your faith, for the Lord is with you to give you miracles and protection. This world belongs to Him and Satan has lost the battle against heaven.

Posted by: Whispered-Softly | 06 October 2007

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